Thrifting trips and blazers

Don't be fooled by the tights and boots- it was hot on Saturday. In fact, by the time I got home from shopping at 3:00, I shed the tights, boots, AND blazer in favor of some black sandals. I got so spoiled with the cooler weather last week, I didn't even think twice about layering up in the morning. It's since gotten a little cooler, but I'm still itching for consistent fall weather.

I mentioned last week that my club was going on a "store crawl" on Saturday and it couldn't have been more of a success. We had a small turnout, but I couldn't complain too much as that meant less people to compete with when searching for good finds. We went to three thrift stores and was one of my better trips. Three cardigans, two sweaters, two bracelets, a necklace, and a complete gem of a bag- all for under $30. We won't talk about the extra money I spent at lunch or on Dairy Queen. 

I also got a pair of heels, believe it or not. Why has no one told me that Kmart has cute shoes? That's a lie, my friend Jessica had told me multiple times, but I was too skeptical to actually check it out until Saturday. Boy, was I wrong. I was thoroughly impressed by their selection and, even though I hardly wear heels, I found a ridiculously cute pair for $5. Whoever decided that half off clearance items was a good idea is my hero. 

It should also be mentioned that I am in a great mood today. I'm coming off of a really good weekend and, for once, I feel fairly well-rested and not very stressed. My good mood is mostly due to the fact that I got 100% on my speech on how to create a blog in my public speaking class. For such a terrible class, it suddenly seems not so bad. I also have TOO many stories for my section of the paper tomorrow, a rare occurrence. I could actually get away with not writing anything myself, but I saw Looper on Friday and was really impressed (also a rare occurrence) which means a review is in order. Hope everyone is having just as good a Monday! 

Dress (worn as skirt): Audrey 3+1
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Blazer: Buffalo Exchange
Boots: Target
Bag: Thrifted
Ring: Jewelmint


  1. Yay, I'm glad you are in a great mood today! I've been wanting to see Looper, so you'd recommend it!? You look adorable as always, love your cute skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Hooray for good moods. Its amazing what being semi- well rested can do for you, advice I should totally take myself! Its even more impressive you feel like that on a Monday!
    Glad you had such a good thrifting trip too- I am LOVING the yellow and polka dots of this outfit! Congrats on a job well done in your class too.
    Oh eys! I saw Looper on Saturday night! We went to a diner and had breakfast for dinner, then I proceeded to get a whole bag of mix n match candy at the movies, as usual ;) I definitely liked the movie and was pleasantly surprised as well. Since Robby picked this one, definitely going to make him see perks of being a wallflower or something next!
    Happy October!
    xo Hannah

  3. I absolutely love the skirt/dress. And those boots are wonderful!

  4. Love the spots on spots! Your store crawl sounds awesome, sounds like you have some great thrift stores in your area. I have one down the street from me which is convenient, but it always seems picked over. Happy October!

    xo Jenny

  5. Such a cute outfit! I wish thrifting out here in LA were better, it's hard to find anything cheap in a vintage store. Oh and I looove your ring :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. You look too cute in polka dots! Glad to hear that things are going well, especially the Public Speaking (I actually think Public Speaking is a really important ablity that should be taught more in schools, but that's just the ex-speech coach in me! Most of the 101 classes are painfully boring. But I'm so glad you did well.)

  7. i always kind of loved public speaking, especially when they did the impromptu speeches. i actually quite enjoy talking in front of people. i definitely have a 'phone voice'. and i LOVE this outfit - you have been really wearing things i want lately!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. Whoo hoo, sounds like an awesome weekend! Thrifting success is always exciting - you definitely scored on everything. Under $30 and you got all of that? :D
    I'm obsessing over this adorable layered outfit too. Haha, it's supposed to cool down majorly this week here, so I'm excited to bust out some tights myself.
    And haha, thanks so much for the sweet comment Elana :) Its so cool that I have some of my blogger friends as friends on Facebook too!

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    Trendy Teal

  9. you're a cutie! I love how smiley you are :) polka dots forever! I just saw Looper too! (half for my bf, half for JGL) I didn't expect him to look so different though (which I realized was to look like young Bruce Willis), but I liked it!

  10. Cute skirt

  11. Loving the outfit! The little purse is so cute!
    It sounds like you had a very successful trip, I never sad

  12. I love wearing dresses as skirts and yours looks fabulous!


  13. I love your layered look. The blazer is amazing! And I am completely impressed with your thrifting success this weekend. I haven't been thrifting in years (?!) and really need to get back into it. The bag I saw on your instagram was so. pretty.

  14. That always happens to me- I craft a perfectly layered outfit only to discover when I'm out and about that it is way too hot to be wearing said outfit! haha. This is lovely though. I love the patterns and the way you edged it up by adding the boots. So great!

  15. love the boots.. and the blog's header also :)
    love ur blog too so I followed u, mind to follow me too?. :)

    looking forward to have u on my blog <3


  16. yay sounds like you've had many lovely and fun thigns lately, glad to hear you're enjoying life!! the thrifting trip w/ your club sounds wonderful & I remember those days of haggling people to finish their stories from HS journalism so horrah! hope you can save some for later. but anyway, onto the most important part of my comment- to tell you how stikin' adorable you look! really, i think i need to ask you for instructions on the blouse tie because i can never get it so cute like you. i love those colors together also. and... sorry for being so slow on my responses, I am so behind on everything right now it's ridiculous. i'm goign to email you though actually w/ a ? : )

  17. Big news: this is probably my favorite outfit of yours, ever. Is it the polka dots? The yellow? The blazer? Probably a combo of all that makes it irresistable to me. I realize most of this post is old news by now, and who knows if you're even in a good mood right now...but hooray for while it lasted. Good thing you wrote a speech about something you really know about!

    Also, I wanted to say "can't wait to see your thrifting finds" but now I realize I have seen some of them! So I can honestly say, good finds, because I've seen them!

    perfectly priya