I like to think of this as my no-fail dress. It's one of those pieces that never really needs much styling, but it always works. I probably wear it too often, but I feel good in it every time it's on so I see no harm in over-wearing it. Even if I've been over-wearing it for two years now.

For once, I really don't have much to say. Maybe I'm just exhausted, but I'll keep this short today. I hope everyone is having a great week! I think we can all take comfort in the fact that weekend (or in my case, home) is just around the corner.

Dress: H&M, via Buffalo Exchange
Jacket: Swapped
Shoes: Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted
Rings: Thrifted
Braclet: H&M
Necklace: Ebay


  1. I love this outfit! That dress looks perfect on you, and I'm absolutely in love with those shoes :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. no one blames you very wearing that over and over- it's perfect! and i love how you paired it with the utility jacket, i'd so wear this. and can we just mention that you always have the cutest jewelry? that ring! gah.

  3. just love the sweet, subtle print of your dress.

  4. Oh, this is such a pretty dress- of course you would wear it all the time! And yes, thank goodness the weekend is almost here!

  5. i run out of things to say often probably because i never shut up in real life. haha. and i love that dress. and i like seeing things over and over again.there is a certain item that has appeared nearly 50+ times on my blog 0_o. and i just need everything in this. i've looked at those shoes on modcloth a few times now.

    <3 katherine

  6. Definitely a wonderful "no-fail" item to have! That dress is so pretty - the floral print, color, everything just works. You and your adorable style...I just love it! Haha, wonderful jewelry (the arrow ring, ahh!) xD
    Okay...I'll stop gushing now.
    But basically, I love your entire outfit :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. Girl, I totally feel you I am SO tired today. Highly considering leaving work a bit early, such an off day! That said, you're still managing to look adorable. You may have a ring addiction. I see a cute one in EVERY SINGLE outfit & I love them all!
    xo Hannah
    p.s. Shoe lust for these, every time.

  8. Love the dress. I've got one too, my fiance remarked upon that very fact the other day. I didn't realize what it's purpose was, but that dress is always there for me when I just don't know what to wear ;) Love your jewelry too!

  9. I'm wearing one of those "no-fail" type of outfits today too- perfect for mornings when you are in a hurry and don't want to think.

    Can I just say though- you have THE best jewelry all the time!

  10. And fail it did not! You look wonderful, and I love that necklace!


  11. Pretty dress (I don't recognize it from any earlier posts). Love a good go to look, perfect for those days when you are pressed for time. Yay for the freakin' weekend!

    xo Jenny

  12. This dress is so pretty and the shoes are AMAZING.

  13. I do not blame you for wearing this dress often. It's wonderful. In fact, I looked at this post, thought to myself, 'wow that dress is so pretty!' and completely didn't realize you had worn it before. So good work on the styling end of things. :) Also, I agree, thank goodness the weekend is almost here!

  14. What a gorgeous dress! I love the color and pattern oh so much!

    Hope that you have a great Thanksgiving vacation! :)


  15. found you through the pleated poppy. i know this is an old one, but i LOVE this outfit!!! looking for similar shoes on modcloth now :)