Beginning to End

Is it really New Years Eve already? I can't believe how fast 2012 went by, but then again, it feels like that every year, doesn't it? This year was definitely a big one - I started my job as the entertainment editor of my campus' paper, I got my new job as editor-in-chief, I made some tough decisions regarding my personal life, I met T.J., and most importantly, I started this blog. I know every single blogger has been saying this, but I can't begin to explain how much I enjoy blogging, the friends I've made from it, and my amazing readers. We also started Flock Together, which has been nothing sort of incredible. The Flock Together girls have been absolutely incredible and a joy to get to know. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see where both of these blogs are headed in 2013.

Speaking of Flock Together, this beauty of a dress belongs to Jessica of Midwest Muse. I swear I've borrowed half of her clothes, but I can't help that everything she owns is gorgeous. This dress had been on my Modcloth wishlist for as long as I can remember, so I practically pounced on it the second she put it up for swap. Worth it. This dress is seriously a dream, the colors are to-die-for and the fit is perfect. Giving borrowed items back is absolute torture. You can see how she wore it earlier this year (don't you miss bare arms?) here.

Also from Modcloth (other than most of my closet)? These shoes, which my parents got me for Christmas. I've practically been living in them, they go with everything. Don't be surprised if they show up almost every day on here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!

Dress: borrowed from Jessica
Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Modcloth
Tights: Forever 21
Necklace: Ebay
Ring: H&M


  1. congratulations on your accomplishments...eic of your campus paper is amazing! cheers to another amazing year...happy new year!

  2. That dress IS awesome! Cute Christmas boots too, good job by your parents :)

    Happy New Year!

    xo Jenny

  3. What an amazing year - here's to an even better one!
    I've really enjoyed getting to know not just your style, but you :)
    This dress is so perfect! Haha, definitely can't blame you for pouncing on it

    Trendy Teal

  4. This dress looks beautiful on you! Congrats on all your amazing accomplishments.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress on you. it's pretty darn adorable. and I have those rings! (Or similar ones) and I love the idea of wearing them as a necklace. And awesome Christmas gift for sure from the parents - those are great shoes.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. ooo awesome modcloth shoes! i keep forgetting about that store, and now that christmas is over i can kick myself haha. and how clever are you for thinking of that ring necklace. it's such a cute touch! and i'm so glad you started a blog too, since you definitely are one of my absolute favorite people on here :) yay for 2013!

  7. LOVE this dress on you! You look so adorable! Happy New Year Elana! I hope 2013 brings you lots of laughter, happiness, and endless success! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Happy New Years Elana! The mod cloth shoes are so cute and the colors of this dress are seriously amazing! I too am so thankful for Flock Together and you amazing ladies!!! CHeers to 2013 and to much more swapping and friend-making to come!
    xo Hannah

  9. You always have the best little details, Elana. I love your necklace so much! Yay for you and your editing job-that is such a big accomplishment. And yes, this dress does look incredible on you. Ah, the plight of swapping!

  10. Thanks for checking out my blog & following :) Followed this blog and your flock together blog! Love you and your other bloggers styles!! Can't wait to see more outfit posts from you :)

    Summer x

  11. Those shoes look so comfortable and cute! And I love your necklace/rings? Super cute!! This dress is so perfect on you. I've loved getting to know you and all the other flock together girls SO much too! I feel like I've made so many blogging friends! And you're definitely one of them :) Here's to a wonderful New Year!!


    perfectly priya