Chit Chat

It's strange that writing on here has started to feel like talking with friends. Whenever something happens in my life, I feel the need to share it with my readers like we're catching up over coffee. I encourage you all to grab a cup as I ramble about my life. Here's what's been happening:

1. I actually wore this outfit last Thursday for a little while, but I wasn't able to take photos so I wore it again yesterday. Why couldn't I take photos, you ask? Well, that's a funny story. If anyone can remember, I have a pair of black Urban Outfitters loafers. I've been wearing them for months, but all of a sudden last week they started getting slippery. So slippery, in fact, that I slipped and fell. On my knee. Three times. Hard. It was so bad (swelling and bloody) after the third time, that I couldn't even bend my leg. I went to the health center on campus and was told it wasn't fractured, thankfully, but it was pretty painful. It still hurts a little when I go up and down stairs (if you look really closely, you kind of make out the band-aids under my tights), but I can at least bend it now. So that explains why I didn't post much last week.

2. I officially took over as editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper yesterday! It still feels surreal and I'm fairly positive I'll screw something big up this week. Things went smoothly yesterday, at least, so here's hoping it stays that way.

3. Lastly, I'm obsessed with dress, which I got in Ruche's bin sale for a steal. I've been trying REALLY hard not to buy myself anything with all of the sales going on lately, but alas, I am weak when it comes it florals, collars, and things under $20. Aren't we all? Also, someone buy me different colors of tights so I don't have to wear this pair with everything. Though let's face it, I probably still would.

Dress: Ruche
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shoes: UO
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelet: H&M
Ring: Ebay


  1. Haha maroon goes with everything so I'd wear the crap out of those too. And ahhhh I hope your knees are doing better! (what a strange sentence.) That sounds horrible- toss those slippery death shoes away. And I'm sure your week will go smoothly in your editor-in-chief job :) You're amazing so it has to!!

  2. Oh know, THREE TIMES?! That's crazy! I think UO should give you a new free pair of shoes for that! Congrats on editor in chief, that's so cool! Your new Ruche dress is so pretty I love the collar detail and print! Hope you're having a good day and your knees are feeling better!
    xo Hannah

  3. Oh no! Glad to hear your knee is a little better. I had a pair of flats from Urban that I was obsessed with and I wore them until they were slippery. I ate it in the middle of a major intersection in a skirt. I only to have scraped my knee, but I was mortified by everyone who saw, damn shoes that are too fabulous you have to wear them down to nothing!

    And I would wear those tights non-stop too. They are a great color that goes with everything!

    Congrats on editor-in-chief!

    xo Jenny

  4. You look so cute in this dress! Congrats on editor-in-chief! You totally deserve it girl.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Oh! So glad your knee wasn't hurt worse, but ouch! Hope it feels better. Congrats too on making editor-in-chief. That's awesome.

    I'm trying not to get anything too, but man, the sales ARE hard to resist. You look darling with this dress, especially with the cardigan. the design on that cardigan makes is a special piece, it seems.

    Lastly- you are totally not alone in putting on an outfit you wore earlier in the week on a different day just for photos. Life happens.

  6. Don't feel guilty for buying this dress, it's so very cute! Oh and be careful girly! That sounds so painful :(



    Southern (California) Belle

  7. Adorable adorable adorable. I LOVE this dress and the the perfectly matched tights and the loafers, too.

    I'm also glad you're feeling better! Slippery shoes are a dangerous thing. When I was 17, I was in Paris and it was my first night and I was wearing these horribly slippery flats (because I'm smart like that). Of course I fell, in the middle of a ginormous plaza, and broke my camera in the process. Oh memories.

  8. You have so many cute dresses! And oh no!! Falling is not good...I hope your knee heals fast!

  9. Aw, I'm so sorry about your knee! That sucks; but you look adorable here! : )
    Also, gimme that cat ring. Too cute.

  10. I am really loving those colors AND that collar!
    So sorry about your knee! You don't look swollen or limpy or anything here! Yes that was a compliment.


  11. That dress is so adorable! I hope that your knee gets better super quickly! I fell last year, walking and texting down the stairs - bad life choice. At least your injury was the result of fashion - not stupidity, like me.


  12. Hi there, Elana! Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog!

    First of all, I, too, love this dress. And it looks so good paired with those tights. The loafers are super cute too; I just hope they're not very slippery anymore!
    Secondly, congrats on your new position at your on-campus newspaper! That's huge! Judging by your prose, I am sure you will do great. :)

    xo from your newest follower,


  13. I don't blame you for wearing those tights with everything, they're the perfect color! And oh goodness that dress is beautiful! I managed to avoid that amazing sell although im kind of regretting it. Congrats on becoming editor-in-chief!! How exciting. And that sucks about your knee! I hate ice and slippery shoes and clumbsiness...

  14. Oh my Elana - 3 times is definitely not the charm :) Glad you are ok though and your leg isn't fractured. I'm queen of slips and falls too (especially on that nasty ice). That dress is darlingness to the umpteenth power and I don't blame you for wearing those tights with everything - the color is perfection!

    Congrats on getting the editor-in-chief position!! I'm sure you'll do great!

    xoxo Marisa

  15. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly! At any rate you look cute as a button in this. I have tights that color and I wear them with everything!

  16. I definitely would've bought that dress as well, so freaking pretty! And those tights just look awesome with it haha :) And congratulations on becoming editor-in-chief! So exciting! xo

  17. love burgundy tights soooo much!

    great blog by the way :)
    kisses from Russia,

  18. I think we've all had a slippy flats moment (I definitely have!) but yours sounds especially painful! Sorry about your knee! Just pick some cute bandaids :) I love your hair like that and I love this photo spot, those busts sure add something special. Also, congrats on your new position! Who wouldn't love having you as an editor? I was a yearbook editor in high school and had such a blast (bossing everyone around...ahem...). I noticed all the new little tweaks on your blog too! Very nice!

    P.S. Ironically the ad that is below this comment is showing as "arthritic knee" how did it know?!

    perfectly priya

  19. Oh no, hope your knee recovers fully! I swear, I screwed up a dive once in volleyball, and my back's never been the same...take care of yourself girl!
    Anyway, I love how you compared writing on your blog to talking with friends - I honestly feel the same way. You all are just so amazing. Especially concerning that last, tough post I had to write...thank you by the way. I'm feeling much better <3
    How adorable is your dress? I love all the ways you wear your skirts/dresses Elana!

    Trendy Teal

  20. AHHH CONGRATULATIONS FOR BECOMING EDITOR IN CHEIF! THAT IS AMAAAAAAAAZING! And on a more serious note, I hope your knee gets better :)

  21. This dress is so wonderful on you! And oh my, I hate injuries. Especially ones that limit your walking. My ankle still -- almost six months later -- hurts like hell. I hope yours heels much better. I'm so proud of your for being editor-in-chief. What a complete honor. I wish my university had a respectable paper that I wasn't embarrassed to be on (I was on it and it was so bad that I ended up quitting), but at least I have the experience, right? Also you being the editor gives me strong Rory Gilmore vibes.

  22. Congratulations on your new position! Take care of your knee--that sounds painful! Finally, your outfit is adorable, and I love your big smile in all of your pictures!

  23. oh yikes! I hope your knee is healed up now, that sounds awful!! Hope you put some non slippery something on the bottom of those and that's what you were wearing in that other post I just saw! congrats on takign over as EIC- that is so so awesome! and hey, as long as you dont post absolutely horrible homophobic jokes you could never mess up as bad as on paper (U of A... boo their mean paper people!) oh and i guess it is like getting coffee because i get distracted by the time i go to comment and forget my first comments about your outfit always after my rambling, i do love the color of that dress, esp w/ the pretty tights!