Hello, strangers. If I've been a little MIA lately, it's because the 7 degree weather is making it very difficult to dress cute and take photos. Luckily, I have one set of photos left from California and I just ordered some fleece lined tights. Skirts and dresses, how I've missed you. 

I got this dress is a swap over the summer, but it was so thick that I couldn't wear it until now. I love the long sleeves and the unique print, I wish I would have dug it out of my closet sooner. I'm also debuting my leather jacket, an item I've had for a year or so, but have never managed to get on the blog. I love pairing it over feminine dresses and I especially love that it's something slightly different for me.

Has anyone taken advantage of Modcloth's Cabin Fever sale yet? I did yesterday and while I'm in love with the items I bought, it marked the start of my shopping ban. I'm serious this time, really. That being said, I can't wait to share my new purchases! 

Hope everyone had a lovely day off yesterday!

Dress: Modcloth (swap)
Jacket: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Jewelmint
Clutch: Asos


  1. I love the leather jacket! I need to bring mine to school with me!
    I got a pretty turquoise coat and a peplum dress at the sale(inspired by the bunny peplum I borrowed from you)!


  2. Ha, sounds like you and I both are in the same boat when it comes to starting a shopping ban! I just bought some American Eagle jeans (free shipping AND clearance markdowns? GAH!) and then I found other stuff when I went out with my friend...ugh, its a problem.
    Gotta buckle down and use what we already have, huh?
    Anyway, I love this new look Elana! The leather vest adds the perfect touch of edge to that dress.

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love the feminine dress paired with that jacket! Such a great combo. And Elana, you are genius for ordering fleece lined tights. After 22 years in Minnesota, you would think I would have figured out that they sell those things by now! Nope, I had no idea. Oh well. Stay warm!

  4. It's minus 14 over where I live! Talk about difficult conditions for photo shoots. I find that some leggings are just as warm as pants so I still wear my dresses and skirts. I love the idea of layering leather over feminine dresses - I think you look great in leather :)

  5. Love that dress! That print looks lovely on you! I can't wait to see what you got from Modcloth... Between you and Katherine, Jessica, Rachel, and Katie, we are going to have some amazing outfit posts on the way!



    Southern (California)Belle

  6. Ugh, it is no fun taking pictures in the cold so I don't blame you! This is just a really fun and cool pairing with the dress and the leather jacket here. the dress looks so sweet and proper and the leather jacket adds a little unexpected edge to it. And oh WOW! That necklace! that has to be one of the coolest pieces of jewelry every, it's a little clock set into a crystal! (Well, I think it's a clock but it sort of looks like a compas now. either way, it's completely awesome and unusual.)

  7. Every time I come to your blog you are more and more adorable! I just love this whole combo!
    Much love,

  8. Love the pattern of your dress - so cute!


  9. Oh, that dress is just darling! The print is so, as you say, unique and cute. Plus it looks warm.

    I know what you mean about Modcloth. I made several purchases with that sale and, while excited to see the purchases, will probably not be buying much for awhile!

  10. Ooh I love this look! It's so cool :D
    And yea, it has been sooo cold! I do not like it! Ha ha

  11. So very lovely! The dress is so pretty, and thank you for the close up shot.

  12. I love this dress! The sleeves are awesome its so different and fun! Pretty photos :) at least you're trying to ban your shopping! I refuse. Haha. I didn't get anything at the modcloth sale because im broke :( and I just bought some stuff from them a few weeks ago...

  13. this dress is stunning on you! The whole outfit is amazing, i love the biker jacket with it! xxx

  14. This dress is so freakin' cute! I know, that Cabin Fever sale didn't come at the best time, but I indulged too! It's too freezing for photos that's for sure. I'm scared to take pictures tomorrow. It's going to be a cold one.

  15. This dress is adorable! I love the long sleeves - those are my favorite lately, because like you, I'm dealing with absurdly cold temperatures. Also, your leather jacket looks amazing on you

    Stay warm!


  16. I absolutely adore those shoes! And I definitely took advantage of the Modcloth sale! I honestly think that I should start a shopping ban now too! Haha.

  17. I am really jealous of this dress. Terribly so. It's adorable beyond belief on you ad does look warm. I love thick, warm knits in the winter!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis & cocktails // fawn pendant giveaway