Despite the lack of sleep I've gotten in the past four days, I'm back from Chicago and back to blogging. As much as I missed posting and reading all of my favorite blogs, it was a wonderful trip and a nice break from the real world. I'm fortunate to be close with everyone I work with so going to a journalism conference with my staff felt more like a weekend int the city with friends than a trip with coworkers. I'm planning on doing a full post on the trip later (thanks to the fact that at least four of my friends had DSLRs with them and were snapping photos the entire time), so I'll keep this post fairly short.

I realized quickly on the first day that I should have just packed an empty suitcase. The first day we were there, I went to the Urban Outfitters surplus store and bought two dresses - which I proceeded to wear the next two days. Yes, I cheated on my shopping ban. I'm a failure. However, when there is an Urban full of $80-100 dresses that are on sale for $10-20, you don't just pass that up. I regret nothing. Jenn and I managed to snap some photos in our hotel room (along with the help of our friend Mary, who is also a photographer) Friday morning before sessions because the light was so great. I had only intended on buying another dress at Urban, but when Jenn said "if I made you into a dress, it would be this," it didn't take much for me to cave.

What I will say about the conference is that it's pretty reassuring that every one I go to has at least a couple of speakers who stress the importance of having a blog and a web presence in general for going into journalism. Ever since this one, a few of my coworkers have been asking for help in starting blogs and I'm incredibly happy about that. One thing I am trying to get better at, though, is social media. I'm finally going to start using hashtags (as much as I hate them) and I'm considering creating a Facebook page for the blog. Here's my question though: would anyone like the page if I did? And for any of you who do have Facebook pages for your blogs: is it worth it?

Also, did I say this was going to be a short post? I'm pathological liar, in case you didn't know. Either that or I underestimate my ability to ramble.

Dress: Urban Outfitters Surplus
Shoes: Modcloth
Ring: eBay


  1. I am loooving this dress, what a wonderful piece to add to your wardrobe. The colour is perfect on you and the polka dots are darling. I can never ever say no to a deal like that, that's awesome. I am so glad you had fun at your conference!!

  2. This dress is SO you and SO cute! Everything with polka dots looks like it was made for you! Do you know you hotel room floor is polka dotted in the same color scheme too?!
    As for facebook, I am glad I made a page, though I often forget to use it! I use it for both my blog and my shop though, but its a good way for non-blogger friends to be able to get updates too! I hate pushing so many social media things though. sometimes there's just way too much to update!

  3. I have a dress just like this except in green and I love it! Your blue one is gorgeous. You just can't go wrong with polka dots!
    I don't have a facebook page for my blog either. I have twitter and that's hard enough for me to keep up with! I'm sure if you started a facebook page people would like it though!

  4. This dress is very you indeed!

    As for a facebook page... I dunno. I get some people who follow (mostly real life ppl) but it is small. Still, I do get traffic from it and it isn't that much work to post things to it like you do for FT already. I read somewhere that it is a decent balance to have a presence on three social media networks. Otherwise it gets to be a lot. On the other hand, studies also show that 67% of ppl use facebook as opposed to the only 15% or so for most other social media sites!

    I want to know if you do make an FB page for your blog though!

  5. This dress is just the cutest thing I've seen in a while!


  6. Congrats for the askings in help starting blogs - I´m totally sure you´re knowing so much about this theme! And to this dress I hadn´t said no, too, it looks really great and fits perfect to you. You´re looking so happy :)


  7. I wouldn't be worried about breaking a shopping ban either if the discounts were that big! I can't wait to see your other new dress. Oh and your cat ring? I don't even really like cats but I love this ring. Sounds like you had a great time in Chicago and I can't wait to hear more about it!



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. This is one of my favorite outfits, ever. That dress is lovely lovely lovely. And um, a UO surplus store? Where are these things located?! I've never heard of that!

    And I don't believe in shopping bans ;-) hehe

  9. Holy moly - what a good deal. No guilt on breaking a shopping ban there :-) Chicago looked like such a lovely time (over your instagram). Can't wait to hear/see more!

    Your dress just pure loveliness and so is that ring! You are the cutest Elana!

    I'm hardly on FB (except for Flock Together Group updates mainly) so I haven't jumped on board with making a page for my blog yet .

  10. What a fun dress on you - I love the print and fit on you!

  11. Woohoo! It sounds like a good trip!! And that dress is sooo cute! I love it :D

  12. Hey, if I were you, I would've cheated on the shopping ban too!! That dress is so cute :) And I love the shoes!!


  13. This dress is so pretty! Polka dots are always a good call. I definitely see why you broke your shopping ban. :) As you may have noticed on instagram, I've been just a little shop happy lately, too. Oh well...

    As for Facebook, I'm just not a huge fan anymore. I've considered starting one for my blog as well but we'll see... I know plenty of people who still love Facebook but I definitely favor Twitter now. But if you do decide to creatie a Facebook page, you can count on me to like it. :)

  14. Underestimating your rambling ability is a problem we both share apparently...sigh. I'm just not concise. And neither are my comments!
    Haha, this dress is definitely you - in dress form! And $10-$20? Um, yeah, shop away guilt free Elana 0_o That's an awesome score!
    I would definitely like your Facebook page. Aha, I've been trying to keep mine updated as well, and I think its a good way to connect with sponsors and other brands/blogs. The thing I'm not jumping onto is Twitter, despite how many times I've read its an important platform to utilize...I just...can't... -__-

    Trendy Teal

  15. Oh man, I'm both looking forward to and dreading the day I finally go to the UO surplus store. Sooo much money will be spent that day haha.

    Also, can I just say how obsessed I am with those shoes? They look so so cute and practical with everything you wear! I want a pair badly!

  16. What a sweet dress...easy to wear. Great choice!

  17. This shirt/dress is perfect - it's cute and looks so comfy... love this look!

    Pearls & Paws

  18. YEs, this dress is ADORABLE on you! Your friend was right - it's very you. The dots are adorable. Sounds like you guys had a a great time there. I didn't realize there was an URban surplus store - I would have assumed it would have been in Philly where their HQ is. I found nothing in the Urban in Philly though. Oh! And I'd like your Facebook page of course! I think it's worth it - it's easier for some people to follow that way!

  19. I love that dress!! And it was on sale?!?! Totally worth it!

    I have a facebook page for my blog. To be fair, my blog is much smaller than yours, but I only has a dozen likes or so on my facebook page and almost no interaction on it. I try to keep it updated with my blog posts and whatnot but it's mostly just a hassle. I know the pros recommended having unique content on facebook to build your following there, but I can't for the life of my think of what that would be. Between blogging, instagram, pinterest, twitter, tumblr...I don't know how much more original content I can think of! Haha.

    But for what it's worth, I would definitely like your blog's facebook page!

  20. oh, i love your shoes! the color is perfect!

    i made a facebook page for my blog a few months ago. eh, it's only okay? i honestly do not use facebook personally (deleted mine a few months ago) and i am not a fan of that social media site anymore. i believe i have about 200 likes, which are mostly people i used to be facebook friends with. i usually just post about updates and a few inspirational photos here and there. honestly, instagram is the best "add on" social media site for a blogger at this day and age (i believe!). maybe focusing on that would be better than a facebook page?

    how my thoughts helped!

    lindsey louise

  21. Love this simple look. Totally love your shoes!
    Do visit my blog too dear...

  22. Elana, I love this dress so much. I wish there were a UO surplus store around here, but we don't even have an actual Urban Outfitters in any of the malls I frequent! Or American Apparel. Or Topshop or Madewell.
    Do I live under a rock? Maybe.


  23. These magical Urban Outfitters sales you speak of sound AH-mazing! Excellent dress. Sounds like an interesting conference, and to answer your question: I would definitely like your Facebook page! I've contemplated making one for my blog, but I figure, maybe if I become serious about blogging one day!

    perfectly priya

  24. That's so fantastic that you're friends with everyone you work with, it makes it so much more pleasant and really fun for trips like these. It does sound like so much fun and hey, $10-$20 for a dress isn't bad! This polka dotted dress does just scream you, you have a real eye for picking dresses with interesting little detail and wow, this color looks amazing with your hair!

    Hah, I can't resist that ring! the little ears standing up are so adorable! I love that you find really interesting special jewelry items that feel very personable and that you don't just wear a piece of jewelry because it's the popular thing right now. (Bubble necklaces, I'm looking at you.) I'm a total jewelry hound so that's usually the first thing I'll notice about an outfit and I always look forward to the closeup of yours.

  25. I love love love this dress! Also, love how you match the carpet! yeah, buddy. :P Also, your ring is so adorbs! It sounds like you had a great time at your conference! :)