Little Red Dress

Valentine's has come and gone, but I couldn't resist another slightly inspired look. I mostly just wanted an excuse to throw on a red dress and sparkly collar, can you blame me? It was really bright when these pictures were taken so some of them may look weirdly edited, but it was really just the sun and my lack of editing ability. I'll get on that eventually.

I hope everyone has been having a good weekend! I went out of town for a little shopping trip with T.J. yesterday to get him some new clothes. He got three cardigans so I'm a happy girlfriend. My own shopping ban is still going strong; I only made an exception for some fantastic sunglasses at H&M. They were $10 and I haven't owned a pair in months after I lost my beloved Ray-Bans (R.I.P.) and broke another cheap pair. So really, the new pair was necessary. 

Also, I have never been more depressed than when I went into Plato's Closet. I was hoping it be akin to a Buffalo Exchange, but the clothes I found in there were awful. Plus, they took two of my items and gave me $4.50. I'm thankful for some of you Midwest ladies who help me remember that good style does exist in some places here. 

I suppose I should be getting back to work, those pages aren't going to edit themselves. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and no one ruin Walking Dead for me! (On that note, can we please talk about the fact that Community is back some more? My love for it knows no bounds.)

Dress: Asos
Blazer: Buffalo Exchange
Collared shirt: H&M
Shoes: Pacsun
Bracelet: borrowed from a friend


  1. Love this dress! What a pretty color and I don't think the photos look bad at all. Don't you have access to Photoshop? GET ON IT. It's easy! Oh, and Plato's is always disappointing. But that's because they look up the numbers on the clothing tag and see when it was made and reject just about anything not made in this year/last year. The only time I made money there was selling my boyfriends' clothes for him. I have yet to watch Walking Dead...but my boyfriend/brother/every male I know is obsessed with the comic. You have excellent taste in TV so....maybe I should? Enjoy your Sunday of being editor-in-chief!

  2. I almost forgot walking dead was on tonight!! I always play soccer sunday nights so I have to PVR it, thank you for reminding me!!!
    Any day is a good day to wear a little red dress, absolutely love the collar on this one, so lovely!

  3. I love this dress! This is a great fit and the collar is the best part. I wish I was excited about the Walking Dead! This season has been pretty slow. If you haven't read any of the comic books, they're SOOOOO much better than the show. I think I'll stick to reading the comic book and being a closet dork :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. I'm going to echo some of the other ladies here and agree that The Walking Dead comic is awesome. I've been a very bad fan and I haven't seen very much of the new Season but I did see the new ep last week and was like Gasp! Lori died already? With all of the rewrites(which actually aren't that bad aside from the two groups thing going on) it seems Little asskicker might have a chance in this version. (I hope so, I hated that part of the comic.)

    Heh, nerdiness aside, you have the best collection of pretty dresses. I'm shocked that Plato's closet only took a few items from you but I've heard that they're pretty bad about taking nice stuff. (Trendy cheap garbage for them only! They opened up one in Anchorage and I was not impressed when I went in, lots of really cheap, falling apart stuff.) I love how you always wear such cute practical shoes, the saddle shoes really seem like your style signature and they go so nicely with this pretty dress. Yay for cute dresses with collars! :)

  5. love this red dress!! and i'm big time loving those shoes! great post girl!

  6. I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't had a chance to get into The Walking Dead...I want to watch the show so bad though! We don't get TV where I live though, and I get too distracted when I'm online to focus on watching online. Someone needs to buy me the first few seasons so I can catch up!
    Haha, anyway, love this romantic outfit and the cute bracelet. :)

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    Trendy Teal

  7. That dress is so perfect and red and cute and awesome. And I loooove the sunglasses you got! I saw them on instagram :-) and it's so cute your boyfriend wants to be stylish and all like I remember you telling me ;-) aw I miss that day! Anyways, when you come back we're going to in n out and having an awesome meal okay!!!!!!!

  8. That dress is so beautiful, I LOVE the collar and the vibrant color! And yay so glad to hear that your shopping ban is still going strong :)

  9. i love red dresses~ I was going to wear a red skirt, but didn't think it was work appropriate :P


  10. I absolutely adore your outfit. The dress is perfect, and I love the collar!

    Have a great day,

  11. You look so adorable in this red dress. I love the bedazzled collar, so fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. The details on the bodice! how lovely! As for the photos and editing. Well, first off, I think the photos look good, but I also think that you could learn Photoshop or Photoshop Elements fairly easily. There are a lot of bloggers who have tutorials if nothing else. Maybe a goal for the summer or sometime when school and internships aren't so pressing (well as not pressing as things get for you. I know you're a busy lady!)

    Never have heard of Walking Dead (no TV). Will have to look it up.

  13. What a pretty dress! I love the detailing in the collar and the colour is really great on you! xo

  14. Such a cute red dress <3 I´m total in love with red and I´m wearing nearly daily red lipstick. I was shopping on the weekend, too, but this is not usual, because mostly I shop online ...

    Hope your week will be as great like your dress <3


  15. Platos sucks. Hard. I know it to be true too. AND COMMUNITY! Yes. the second episode was much better than the first, yes? What do you think of it now? And your photos aren't bad - this dress is hard to photograph - that red doesn't want to turn out, it just reverbs on the screen all wrong. I had trouble editing mine too, I had to take down the saturation!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  16. love your dress *,*

  17. Yayy, such a cute outfit, as always! :D The dress is such a fun color too :)

  18. I love this outfit! The detail on the collar is so beautiful!! and the oxfords are a definite must have!

  19. Hey there, pretty! I'm loving the your Valentine's inspired dress, and I think wearing a blouse underneath is such a smart way to add a fun collar!
    Plato's Closet only gave you a paltry $4.50 for 2 things?! That is just sad. I've only been there once while on vacation since they don't have them in my area, and got lucky finding a UO dress (though I paid $16 for it...not really ideal for used clothing). But I bet after a few visits you'll find something great.

    Also, I am right there with you in the Community love. When I first saw the commercial announcing its return, I cheered out loud (while at home all alone), and then immediately texted my boyfriend to share the good news.


  20. I can't put into words how much I love this red with the cream shoes. It's so lovey and feminine!
    And I know what you mean about Plato's closet. The first time I went in, they gave me quite a decent amount for my items, but anytime after that...not so much. So I've pretty much stopped going.

  21. That red dress is so cute! I love your shoes as well, you look just so darling! I have been to a Plato's closet once, and I had the most success with their shoes - Steve Madden wedges and lace flats for $14! But, really do like Buffalo Exchange. I'm hoping to head there again when I go to New York in a month. :)