Missed You

You know how you never truly miss something until it's gone? Well, I never realized how much I missed this dress until it was back in my arms. I had sent it out to be borrowed as part of Flock Together and it honestly didn't faze me at all the entire time it was gone since I had worn it to death until right before I sent it. Once I got it back though, it was like Christmas morning. This was literally the day after I got the package; I just couldn't wait any longer.

I wore this on Saturday to get coffee with my friends Ginny and Emily, which was wonderful as expected. It's funny because most of my good friends at school work at the paper with me, so even when I see them outside of work, it's still the biggest topic of conversation. So of course, I loved getting to hang out with Ginny and Emily, who, in addition to being incredibly stylish, care just as much about fashion and blogs as I do. Naturally, we ended up in an antique store where I scored a cool watch for $2.50.

I haven't exactly been the hiding the fact that I'm really bad at this whole shopping ban thing. But to my mother, who I'm sure is reading this: I used to be much worse. Last year, I had packages coming for me on a weekly basis. I may not have stayed as strong as I would have liked these past few months, but anything I've bought has been thrifted or a small accessory like sunglasses. Not to mention I've been eating out much less than last semester. 

That said, I can't pass up a Modcloth Stylish Surprise. $15 for a Modcloth item? I'll take three. Really though, I did order an apparel surprise, an accessory, and shoes all for $35. Unfortunately, these shoes are the only part of the package that I liked. I'm in love with these velvet flats, but I can't say the same for glittery wallet with a neon bow or the floor-length pink sequined long-sleeved Jessica Simpson gown. Because apparently that's a thing sitting in my room right now. I've already put both of them on eBay, but I can't say I'm too disappointed considering the gown has a tag that says $248 on it. Crazy, right? If anyone is interested in those or a Darling purple dress, I have them listed here. I still have a bunch of things I need to get rid of, so I plan on adding them all something this week.

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Modcloth
Sweater: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelet: Asos


  1. Lovely dress and flat

  2. This dress is absolutely lovely, I love the bow and it's sleeves! And I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I love your "Room 334" header, it's so unique and artistic!

  3. This dress is soo lovely on you, definitely fits you perfectly so I can see why you would have missed it! I love having things in my wardrobe that I am that excited to wear :) And these velvet flats are darling, such a great colour

  4. Oh my, that gown is actually not too bad, but a very strange thing to put in a surprise grab bag as I can't imagine many shopped have need for a floor-length evening gown. Hope you can sell it though.

    The shoes are too cute and I love this share of blue on you. Bold but it is still you wearing it and not it wearing you.

  5. Ooh! Now I have some more photos to add to my FT post! You look darling in this with those velvet flats! How come the dress is so much longer on you than on me? Haha...it was itsy bitsy on me. A coffee date sounds amazing right about now!

  6. How do I keep on missing these stylish surprises! I am on the mailing list but I am always so behind haha. Love seeing you reunited with this dress! If Modcloth ever gives you a namesake dress, which it totally should, it should look just like this... but probably with polka dots too :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

  7. haha oh my gosh that dress is soo ugly haha I'm sorry I said it! I would have sold it too.

    But your blue dress is super cute! Love bright colors. You make me want to go shopping for one. In my shopping experience, the best way to not spend money is if you don't have any (it's been very effective for me) sooo you should just go spend it all so that you don't have to go shopping any more. That thinking is totally fool proof, right? right?

  8. You are ADORABLE! So glad I found your blog.

    New Follower:)

    Elise @ Hunters of Happiness

  9. Wait, you're not going to rock that sparkly dress on the blog? I can just picture you going about your busy day in that, it just screams professional day wear! (I had to go take a peek at it on your ebay page and wooo-w. So sparkly and 1980s lounge singer-ish.) Those flats were at least a good score those, I noticed those right away. The purple velvet is so bright and pretty, I really like how the colors of the flats work with this dress.

    Is it bad at that as soon as you said cool watch from a vintage store I scrolled down for pictures of it? You got me so excited for nothing! (Of course I'm joking but I do always love seeing what you find at the vintage stores there, you pick up the best items!)

  10. Haha woohoo for getting your dress back! :D And wow, a watch for $2.50, awesome!

  11. Such a cute dress... glad you had it back!

  12. Such a beautiful dress! I don't blame you for missing it...the color is so vivid and gorgeous. I like it with those velvet flats!
    My ModCloth surprise was a bummer, too...way too short of a dress, and the lining was torn :(. Thankfully I was able to get a refund. I guess you really never know what you're going to get!

  13. Haha, you never now how much you appreciate something till you get it back, huh? This dress is so perfect on you! I love the rich blue color and the new velvet flats you paired with it. You and I have the same shopping problem...sigh. My parents definitely advise me on it all the time. Its gotten to the point where I'll try hiding packages when I come through the door....aha. BUT, I've been doing much better lately.
    Until my friends and I went to the big city and I was confronted with stores we don't have where I live...sigh.
    Anyway, its lovely having friends that understand our silly fashion fetish, huh?

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    Trendy Teal

  14. It's a beautiful dress, I can see why you missed it! The cut and color is perfection on you!

    Pearls & Paws

  15. This color is so pretty on you! That sucks that 2/3 of the items didn't work :( but at least the velvet flats are cute :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  16. Ugh I'm sorry to hear about your Stylish Surprises! Mine was a 1 for 3 too. I ended up with some black boots which were pretty cool, but I also got a frumpy fur cardigan and a super tight maroon pencil skirt. Those will definitely be on my store too. But your gown, I just can't imagine getting that in the mail! This dress is always perfect on you, I love getting my pieces back in the mail too, especially if I've missed them!



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. We are going to Disneyland today... We will be thinking of you!

  17. Haha That sequined dress is really pretty cool, but you'd have to have an event to wear it to! I'm glad I didn't hear about the Stylish Surprises thing because I would have probably bought something and I'm trying not to buy things for a little while! Anyway, this blue dress is such a pretty color. I can see why you missed it! It could pair with so many different things. Your new velvet shoes look great with it.