Portions for Foxes

I don't know about you, but I didn't think it was possible for a sweater to be this adorable. When the incredibly-stylish Marisa put this up in our Flock Together swap group, I immediately jumped at the chance to borrow it. I can't pass up anything with a fox, really. I'm having a bit of a love affair with layering sweaters over dresses, and this white frock is one of my favorites to do so with. Maybe it was Marisa influencing me, but this sweater just screamed for a peter pan collar. Then again, I most things are asking for a peter pan collar to me. It's a slight addiction. For as little as a departure as this outfit is for me, I will say that it was kind of fun to wear something so bright for a change. I usually shy away from bright colors like this, but I wouldn't mind incorporating more of them into my wardrobe in small doses. You can see how Marisa wore the sweater here.

As for things that don't relate to clothes, I've been in a bit of a writing rut lately. I'm not sure if it's just lack of motivation or writer's block, but I haven't written much of anything the past couple of weeks. I think I'm just feeling dejected from not having found an internship yet, but I'm ready to start getting productive again. Sitting around, doing nothing has never really been my thing.

Also, it's snowing AGAIN. Can I go back to California now?

Sweater: borrowed from Marisa
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Cathy Jean
Ring: Antique store
Belt: Thrifted


  1. Hip hip hooray for the cute fox sweater!!! We definitely need to do a round up at the end of this sweater's traveling, I even saw it on Erica for a non Flock Together swap! I of course adore the collar poking out! And keep you chin up about the internship, I have totally been there but somehow things always fall into place!
    xo Hannah

  2. This is the most adorable sweater ever, I love the colours in it!! It looks so lovely with that girly white dress too. Perfect combination. It's stressful having to wait for those things, but things will work out!!

  3. I agree - this sweater is really great and I like it how you combined it <3


  4. Ah, I loved this sweater the first time I saw it on her and you look so cute with it, too!


  5. I would most definitely agree...the sweater screams peter pan collar, and the combination is quite satisfactory :) Love the bright turquoise and white together...and what a darling fox! Looked back through some of your previous posts, you've got great style and a really genuine writing style...definitely following you now!

    <3 Cambria

  6. This foxy sweater is just so adorable on you! I love the vibrant colors on it :D
    Also, hope you find your inspiration soon - I'm sure you'll hit on something when you least expect it!

    Trendy Teal

  7. Oh that sweater is so adorable and you style it well. Chin up about the intern thing. Sometimes it take forever to hear back; I'm sure you will find something you love. Last year, my sister applied for a bunch of graphic design internships in January like you did, and didn't hear from most till March or April! People will want such a motivated, smart and people-organizing girl like you.

  8. YES, please come back to California. That's the cutest sweater, ever. And I sseriously cannot wait for u to come back and we'll have awesome photo shooooots ah!!

  9. I have been looking for a fox sweater for ages do you know where I can get one?
    thanks darling
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage: Enter my Amazon e-gift card Giveaway!

  10. this sweater is so adorable everyone looks as cute as a button in it!! and don't worry, something will turn out. the job i have now actually had closed a couple months before I applied for it and then I heard even a month after that so ya never know if it's meant to be : )

  11. I hope your writers block goes away, it's the worst. Your sweater is extremely adorable, especially with your dress :)

  12. All right, I LOVE cameos (I almost wore one today, we would have been cameos twins!) so this ring is just gorgeous! I especially love the prong setting. It's really unusual to see a cameo set that way, they're almost always in a bezel setting so this ring is really different. You made an amazing find at that vintage store with this ring, it's a really beauty and I'm just in love with the gold work on it. You have an excellent eye for jewelry!
    Jewelry lovin' aside, this outfit is pretty adorable as well. There's something so comfortable and fun about throwing a sweater over a dress, it's just easy! (Well, I love white dresses as well, so this outfit is basically all of my favorite things in one look.) It's rough going through those dry spells and sometimes you really just don't feel inspired, for what it's worth, I always enjoy reading your posts! (And good luck with an internship coming along for you, I'm crossing my fingers!)

  13. cutest sweater ever! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my surprise gift from Lauren Conrad on my blog today as well as a giveaway. I'd love if you'd swing by. xo


  14. haha the fox sweater is adorable!! love how you paired it here too

  15. I'm all about foxes lately!

    I cannot believe it's from Target and I've never laid eyes on it before!
    It's so darling!

    You look adorable!

  16. Oy my, that sweater is beyond adorable! Love it!

  17. Oh wow, your ring is so beautiful! I love Marisa's sweater on you! Layering it over a dress makes it so fun. I hope you recover from your writer's block! That's the worst-especially with a job like yours I'm sure!

  18. I LOVE THIS. The title, the sweater, and the bright color! You wear so many darker/muted tons & I think this is the perfect change for you. I need to take note of your impeccable layering skills.

    1. Oh and the best form of writers block? My writing professor always told us to follow this formula "ass + chair". The idea that you sit and you write and you don't move or re-read you just create and eventually you'll have something. It's a surefire cure for me.

  19. The sweater is soooo cute I love the fun colors and, of course, the fox! So cute with the peter pan collar and over the dress :) Hope you get inspiration to get out of writer's block soon!

  20. you are awesome, darling! i love how happy you look it makes your outfit x10 times better!

  21. I love this sweater -and how cute is it on you? Totally adorable. And don't geel down about not getting an internship. It's rough out there and a lot of companies aren't hiring at all. If I feel ever stinted creatively about one thing, I try and do something else. Then usually I have something to write about.

  22. Aw, hang in there Elana. Waiting is always half the battle - and it's hard, but a lot of times it seems we wait, and opportunities pass by us just to have the best possible one find us in the end :-) Fingers crossed for you that the right internship will come along soon.

    Of course it goes without saying - I LOVE the fox sweater on you! That little peter pan underneath in the bees knees and the little booties make it soooo you <3

  23. These pictures are just so amazing! I love that sweater on you so much!

    Hope that you find out about an internship super soon! I know that can be so very stressful, but once you find out it is like a huge weight is lifted off of your shoulders!


  24. OMG that sweater has a pink fox on it! Sorry I got all freaked out but it's soo adorable! What a great idea pairing it with a peter pan collar dress. I love how you style it. I found you through ModCloth's gallery :)

    Best of luck in finding an internship soon; it's still a bit slow in the hiring world right now I suppose since I'm still looking for a job, too. Hope you'll see this as an opportunity to explore & have a bit fun because once you got a job you'll probably find little time to explore :)


  25. Gah that sweater is actually the cutest!!! Love the bright colors on it and how you paired it with such a girly dress too :]]] lovely!

  26. Oh, you are such a cute cupcake! Love your style and quirky posts and thank you for the kind words, following too :) I didn't knew you own "Flock together" too, that's a hell of a fine blog ^_^