Wishful Thinking

I've never hated the never-ending winter more than when I took these photos. Like many other bloggers right now, I'm incredibly excited to be sharing another eShakti sample they sent me from their new spring collection. The only problem is, well, it doesn't exactly feel like spring here. It's almost a shame to wear this dress with a cardigan and tights. This dress is made for picnics in the park, walks on the pier, sunglasses and bare legs. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the hilarious sight of it peaking out from under a winter coat all day, but I was happy to be wearing it either way. And while it made me sad to cover it up with a sweater, I still had fun with the challenge of styling such a spring-like dress for cooler temperatures. Plus, I even toughed it out for a few pictures to show you all the sweet ruffled straps.

As most of you know by know, eShakti is a wonderful online store that offers a great selection of feminine pieces in modest cuts and has the added bonus of customization. For a small fee, customers can put in their measurements and have their items perfectly tailored to their liking. Each item also has other customization options like adding or removing pockets (though why would anyone want to do that?), changing necklines or length, and removing embroidery. For this dress, I opted out of the custom sizing, mostly because I'm impatient and didn't take the time to measure myself. I kind of regret it now though since it's a tiny bit big, but nothing too noticeable. I did do custom length though, and I'm extremely happy I did. I could never pull this off in the below the knee length it originally came in and this length is perfect.

As for what else I thought of the dress, other than the sizing, just click though to the jump. Also: Ilana from My Modern Vintage is featuring me as her blogger of the month today! I was so excited when she approached me about it, she is so sweet and has amazing style. Make sure to check out my interview!

It was really difficult to choose which item I wanted since there were so many I liked. I eventually settled on this one because it just screamed the perfect spring piece to me. Yellow is slowly becoming my favorite color so that's what really drew me to it originally. What eventually won me over, though, was the bodice. It's unlike anything I own and I thought the piping was so interesting. Plus, anything with a full skirt and pockets can do no wrong in my eyes.

When I got the dress (after some super fast shipping again), it was exactly as I had imagined. It's well made and just as pretty in person. All in all, another great experience with eShakti. And, I mean, if they wanted me to review something EVERY season, I'd be more than happy to... Just putting that out there!

But seriously, why is it still cold? 

Dress: c/o eShakti
Cardigan: bought from Katherine
Shoes: UO
Bracelet: H&M
Ring: Antique store


  1. What a lovely dress! It looks just perfect on you and I can't wait to see it styled in the summer :)

  2. This dress is so wonderful, absolutely perfect for spring/summer, if they ever come. I love it with the cardigan :)

  3. Argh, I know what you mean. The weather is draining me!!!
    But your sunny dress made my day sunnier! ^_^ Seriously, it's fantastic! I've never heard of Eshakti, but going to check them out!
    Oh and love your gorgeous ring!!!

  4. i LOVE that dress! so spring :)


  5. I feel like this blog post is me talking out loud through your mouth (or I guess your fingers). I am awaiting a beautiful Spring eShakti piece and its supposed to snow all weekend. I am so over having to cover up these pretty pieces with layers! The yellow print and detailing on this dress look gorgeous though! Can't wait to see you remix it in Spring and summer too!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  6. But you resolved it very good to wear this cute summer dress during the actual season :)


  7. Oh, how gorgeous! What an amazing color. It looks so perfectly spring-y on you! I also hate having to style things for winter, I just want to break out my bright colors already! :(

  8. Ahhh this dress is so amazing! I think you picked the perfect one! I hope it gets warmer over there so you can show off some more cute dresses. And congrats on your feature! I loved it!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. I love you in this dress and am excited to see how it will look in truly warmer weather.

  10. Oh that's so pretty, and it looks great on you! I wish they asked me to do another sample feature! Maybe my review had something to do with it... my last one didn't fit haha.


  11. that dress is absolutely the cutest! I love it - plus the great review of eshakti. I've heard so many good things I think I'll have one of their dresses be a birthday gift to myself...working up to it :] and yeah, can we please kick winter already? I need to go barelegged or I think my legs will just shrivel up!

  12. I know, I've got a bone to pick with Mr. Groundhog...what is up with this cold!?!?
    Ah well, you still show off this pretty dress wonderfully. I could barely shed my cardigan when I featured mine from them haha!

    Trendy Teal

  13. Man, you have just the prettiest hair color and this yellow and white dress really bring it out.(I'm so jealous, I have always wanted to have hair naturally that color.) This dress is so gorgeous, I can completely see why you felt it was such a shame to cover it up, I'm so really for winter to go away. (All of that talk about picnics made me feel sad.)
    Yay, there's that gorgeous cameo ring again. :)

  14. I loveee the dress on you. I love their stuff, I always end up almost buying something then not going through with it (I do this a lot, on every site) The yellow is such a pretty color on you too! And I love that you made it more wintry with the sweater

  15. Lovely dress. I haven't ordered anything from eShakti yet but I've been perusing the site for so long. I love the lilac flats, too!

    xox Sammi

  16. You look so so amazing! I'm lover of this dress! It looks fantastic on you honey !:)

  17. So cute! I love that dress and you are just so adorable! Thank you so much for commenting my blog! I am now a follower :)