Where is My Mind?

Well, here's some things you don't see every day: me in a midi skirt and in wedges. I had been waiting for the right moment to break out both of these items for a while now, and with the weather finally warm enough for sandals and sleeveless tops, it seemed like good timing. After wearing this skirt, I've decided that I really want to branch out and find more longer skirt lengths, especially for summer. I couldn't believe how much I loved wearing this one, especially since I always shied away from the thought because my short height. But look, guys, I don't look like more of a midget than normal! 

As for the shoes, I can already tell they're going to be a summer staple. These have been sitting in my room for some time (they're B.A.I.T. ones that I scored on eBay for super cheap), but it's hard to justify wearing them on a college campus. Summer in California is an entirely different story, though. These babies are never coming off. Also slightly different? I straightened my hair for the first time in months. Now it's even more evident how much I need a haircut.

I've never been much of a song as a post title kind of person, but the Pixies really know how to sum up my life at the moment. I'm a bit all over the place trying to finish everything and spend as much time as possible with everyone here. Seriously, someone find my head for me, please.

It's been extremely warm the past couple of days, but it's supposed to rain again and get slightly colder again soon. Am I the only one who used to LOVE the rain until fashion blogging came into the picture? It was always my favorite type of weather, but now every time it rains, all I can think about is how I won't be getting outfit photos that day. Ah, the problems of a fashion blogger. Life's tough.

Shirt: H&M, via Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: B.A.I.T. via eBay
Watch: Gift
Ring: H&M


  1. Holy cow, we're on the same wave length here! After wear mostly short skirts and jeans this winter I've really been attracted to the midi length skirts and I've always HATED those before! (I'm short too but my legs are stumpy so this length looks odd on me but man, are they easy, comfy and effortless.) I adore this, you look so ready for summer here! I really like your bright blue wedges, the look really fun and they pull out the small bright spots of blue in your skirt.

    I get what you mean about the weather though I've always been ready for summer by the end of April. This stupid snow will just not end, it keeps on coming. (I think photography helps will liking the weather though, you can get the best pictures in the rain and snow and dude, fog is a photographers best friend. SO fun to shoot in!) Hey, good luck with finishing everything up, I hope it all starts to slow down for you!

  2. I love the color of your shoes! Perfect for Spring!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. I was really surprised to see you in a midi skirt- like needed a double take surprised. But I actually really like it and not just because I love me a midi skirt either. Surprisingly, I think the skirt elongates you and makes you look taller. Part of it is the wedge heels too, I'm sure, but the skirt creates a longer line (of course I still love you in shorter skirts too!).

  4. I really love those shoes. The color is fantastic! Seriously, when it rains the first thing I think about is my blog photos, haha. It's taking over our lives! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. gah, i love that skirt on you! and i'm really digging the color of those sandals

  6. Gaaah I need a maxi skirt, this one is lovely and just screams summer to me. And those shoes! The perfect shade of blue and I can definitely see you getting tons of use out of them this summer.

  7. I am loving this different-for-you look! The maxi skirt looks amazing on you and I LOVE the BAIT heels! I have a similar pair in green and they're so comfy and easy to walk in compared to other heels I have :) I say keep the maxis coming!
    xo Hannah


  8. UHMMM YESSS!!!!! Long skirts are MY FAVORITE and you're rockinnnnnnnn it, girl!!!

  9. Oh really lovely outfit!
    I love it the design and the color of your skirt!


  10. the wedges are soooooo cute! i am completely in love with the color of them!

    lindsey louise


  11. Those shoes are so cute! I have the same ones in green, but that blue is super pretty!


  12. I actually think that length works well on you, especially when paired with a bit of height from the wedges. I love the flow of that skirt!

  13. pixies, yes!
    we should trade mix cds, lady!

    and, whenever I see longer skirts at the thrift store (my main source of clothing), I don't even give them a chance, but after seeing this one on you, I'm going to have to keep my eye out for one! I have the same short-person dilemma -- but the cut of the skirt actually makes ya look a little taller! I must give this a try myself.

    also, I am for-sure giving you my word on the brooch review dealy. This gives me a nice incentive to get the next batch started (I'm kind of a procrastinator, heehee.. but not this time!). do you have a particular color you fancy?


  14. This may just be my favorite outfit from you yet! Seriously, though. I love the skirt, those amazing wedges, and the fact that your top is black on the front and white on the back. So. pretty!

    And I can definitely relate to your state of mind lately. Even though I'm not in college anymore, this time of year still seems to be the busiest. Go figure!

  15. Lol, fashion blogger problems. Seriously. Rainy days were the same for me - I used to love them! But now all I can think is "Crap, indoor photos never turn out good."
    Love the midi length on you Elana, and those wedges are just too cute!

    Trendy Teal

    And I used to feel the same way about midi skirts, but I really think that as long as you wear them at the natural waistline or higher, they can actually do MORE for a short figure. Plus, I always feel frumpy in a full on maxi.

  17. What a different look for you! And I'm in love with your shoes and the color on you. Also I read your posts on that Blog Lovin' app in class and then I forget all the smart things I want to say. And your hair looks AWESOME. I assume you dye it? Or do you just have a naturally perfect colored hair that also looks great not straightened? JEALOUS.

    Also jealous of your summer in Cali. When will you be back for school? I am determined to make it to Chicago and hang out with you.

  18. Yay for spring clothes! I did the same thing with my floral pants - I had to wait until the weather was perfect to wear them for the first time! That mid-skirt looks awesome on you!

  19. Hey Elana, likewise, just catching up AGAIN.

    I don't wear midi skirts at all! I'm convinced they will look weird weird on my already short legs! (Same thing with a high-low hem). This skirt is darling on you though! I love the floral print + paired with the bright blue shoes.

    perfectly priya