Whenever I loan something out to the Flock Together girls, two thoughts always cross my mind. The first is that it's a little sad that I'll be without an item for a while; the second is that I can't wait to get ideas of how to style it from the other girls. I've always kind of struggled with this slip dress, but after seeing some of them expertly style it, I was pretty excited to get it back. Those girls know how to endlessly inspire me. I don't know why I always pair this dress with blacks, but I really liked it with this polka dot top. Ever since I realized that I could knot half of my tops over dresses, I feel like my closet has doubled. Also, it was an unbearably bright day when I took these so excuse the photos.

Speaking of Flock Together, have you entered our $75 Modcloth giveaway yet? I'm so excited that we're giving away something so awesome to thank our readers. Good luck!

Also, the incredibly sweet Emma of Little Motley interviewed me on her blog today! She's also hosting a great giveaway of her own featuring the work of some talented Etsy shop owners that you should enter. I'm all about promoting the free stuff here. 

In other news, it's finals week. I finished my first final today, which was for my editing class and was one of the easiest tests I've ever taken. Passive vs. active voice and AP style? Psh, give me something hard to do. 

By the way, the amount of X-Files I've been watching is getting ridiculous. Mulder and Scully are my only friends right now.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Top, ring: Thrifted
Shoes: UO
Bracelet: H&M


  1. If you had to only have 2 friends, I think Mulder and Scully are excellent choices. :)

    You look super adorable in this outfit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I think you styled this dress perfectly, love the blouse layered over it!! It's always awesome to get inspired by the flock together girls, they give me some wonderful ideas!! Xfiles used to scare the beejebus outta me when I was a child, but now that I'm old I actually like it!

  3. cute cute cute i love this skirt! haha, my boyfriend's favorite show ever is x-files! i don't know.. i honestly cannot get that into it! i don't know, i feel i need to try harder!

    lindsey louise

  4. I don't think I would be able to part with my clothes for an extended period of time, haha. Even if I probably wouldn't wear them I would be sad to not see them every day...

  5. Seeing what the other girls will do with an item (for inspiration) has been my motivation for putting up several of the items I have to swap! Love seeing the inspiration. You look great in this. It is a fun combo.

    Heading to read your interview now...

  6. Good luck on your finals!

    Thanks again so much for referring me to your adviser, I had so much fun painting the cover and I'm so glad he liked it!


  7. I love the polka dot top with your super sweet little slip dress. Great details and interest, but still so light and feminine. Very pretty. I also love your chevron/arrow ring. I have an obsession with chevron prints right now - so I had to do a scroll-back when I peeped it. So cute!

    Merch Maven

  8. I love that about fashion blogs - they are so inspiring in giving fresh ideas on how to wear pieces. Even more so for you since you actually all share these items! Way to pair it with your polka dot blouse, its super cute :)
    Good luck on finals! Mine won't be till next week, but man, soooo close to being done!

    Trendy Teal

  9. That looks so adorable! I love knotting tops over dresses :) and what a great color. Good luck with your finals!

  10. your dress is super cute! love the lace detail on the hem :)

  11. Great idea to knot your top over this dress! I need to do that! I have a few sleeveless blouses like this that I don't get nearly enough wear out of. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. You always find the cutest clothes. I love this dress!

  13. I miss my ice cream dress so much, and it's lost in the mail! My greatest fear with flock together (when I was in it) seemed to come true. I have the worst luck ever. Anyhow, this slip dress is a great one, and I loved seeing everyone style it, but I'm glad to see it back on you.