Blue On Blue

By looking at my wardrobe, most people would probably assume that my favorite color is blue. It's actually purple, but for some reason I gravitate toward blues when shopping for clothes subconsciously. I'm obviously a fan of the color, but I'm starting to think that I need to lay off of it for a little while when it comes to my next purchases. That being said, I thought it would only make sense to pair two different shades of the color together and I like the result. Then again, I'm fairly certain that I would like this handy gingham button down with just about anything.

I changed into this on Saturday after I got home from my shift at my dad's restaurant. The rest of the day consisted of one last iced coffee with my friend Whitney before she returned to Kansas, dinner from Umami Burger with my brother, sister-in-law, and 3-year-old nephew, and watching Battlestar Galactica with my friends Adam and Jeremy — which is exactly how you'd expect me to spend my Saturday night. Adam and I are going to watch through Battlestar Galactica this summer and I love it already. I've been on such a sci-fi kick lately coming right off watching Firefly and X-Files. 

In other news, I actually got my haircut in the first time in more than a year. I ended up not doing too much, but it was so long before that it still looks long even after taking quite a bit off. I went with bangs for the first time in a while too, and I like that they're subtle. I've always been pretty low key when it comes to my hair.

Look at for changes to my blog design today as well!

Top: Thrifted
Dress (worn as skirt): Target, from a swap
Shoes: Pacsun
Rings: Thrifted


  1. I absolutely love this look, the blue on blue is so pretty (something I have not thought of doing but will have to now haha)! I love the lace detail of your dress, very lovely and feminine.

  2. Your haircut looks so lovely! And I adore the outfit, as usual :)

  3. I was gonna say, I thought your hair looked different! It looks beautiful! And I love this gingham top with the skirt. So cute.

    xox Sammi

  4. The hair looks great. Also, totally agreed about how versatile your shirt will be for you!

    I didn't realize your family had a resteraunt. Love learning new things about bloggers :)

    Also- FIREFLY! Oh my goodness! So good! So much potential.

  5. Oooh, this is such a great mix of blues. The stripes and lace combination works wonderfully! Haha, and I know, I've been thinking I need to look for more teal pieces...maybe that way my closet can reflect my blog name :P

    Trendy Teal

  6. This is super cute! I absolutely love that skirt, it's so pretty... Also yesssss Battlestar Galactica is definitely fantastic - some of my friends got me to start watching it a few nights ago and it's awesome!


  7. I was thinking how great your hair looked, and then you mentioned you cut it! haha. Love it. :-)

  8. I love these two shades of blue together, and that gingham top is a thrifted dream!

  9. Oh man I was on the biggest sci-fi kick last summer. I watched Caprica last summer and started working through Star Trek TNG in order (because I'd watched most of it out of order on TV). I never would've pegged myself for liking sci-fi, but so it goes.
    I love having lots of blue in my wardrobe because it looks so good with most other colors. I love how you paired two shades of blue together here.

  10. Hmm, well if I haven't mentioned already this is one of my favorite looks of yours, it is! Something about the pattern mixing/fabric mixing/uniform color is jussttt perfect.

    perfectly priya