Fun fact: I took these at 8 p.m. last night after getting home, rushing to grab my camera and my tripod, and hurrying outside in hopes of snapping a few photos before it got too dark. I ended up having to stay late at my internship, but my desire to have a post up today overpowered my exhaustion and lack of food in my stomach. That's how committed I am to this blog. And how committed I am to having something to do in my morning. 

We found out about a fitting happening today (when I'm not in the studio) last minute, so my boss and her assistants spent all of yesterday making trips to a dozen showrooms around L.A. doing pulls. After the showroom gets everything together that the stylist wants to borrow, then it's up to interns to go pick up the items, unpack them, and check them in at the studio. That's how I ended up driving to showrooms all over Sunset Boulevard, Melrose, and other places with designer clothes in my backseat. It's technically grunt work, and driving in downtown L.A. makes me want to hyperventilate, but it's still pretty surreal that it's my job. I don't think sorting through racks of designer clothes will ever get old. 

I've learned that dressing comfortable is key. All day is either spent sitting in a hot studio or running around the hot city. A lightweight dress, a cardigan for the gloomy mornings, and flats have become my uniform. This dress is another one of my go-to dresses that never needs much accessorizing. A couple of the other interns have come in heels, but they always end up taking them off during the day. These Need Supply Co. ankle strap flats are so simple, but I'm in love with them. They might blend into my very white legs, but they go with everything. 

Also, I'm going to start putting my stuff up on eBay, but it's not too late to nab things from my Storenvy store

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Need Supply Co.
Ring: c/o eFoxcity
Cardigan: Target, via Katherina


  1. This dress is so gorgeous my dear!! I love the stripes and the fit of it. It's definitely important to dress for comfort on those long days at work.
    I am impressed with your commitment to the blog!!

  2. This is so cute & does look comfortable!
    I love how you're so consistent with your background. And designer clothes in your backseat? Swoon! Especially going to all those fancy stores. You're so lucky!

  3. Oooh, loving this striped dress, and way to go girl for dedication! I'm glad you did, seeing as how this outfit is super cute :)
    Haha, and yes, first world problems indeed xD

    Trendy Teal

  4. That sound like a dreaaaaaam internship! Granted, it sounds like a lot of "grunt work" like you said, but what other internship lets you get that close to the designer fashion world?! Good for you - make the most of it! Love this look too, those flats seem perfect for the job and well, life in general lol


  5. You look so adorable. Loving this dress and these flats! And wow, your internship sounds super crazy but rewarding, yes? Why am I an idiot and didn't realize you lived in CA? Also, I'm going to be opening up a storenvy store soon, but I see you're moving to eBay... have you found that the storenvy thing isn't working out as well as you thought? I'd be interested to hear thoughts. I've heard annoying things about eBay as well, but I'm trying to weigh my options!

    xox Sammi

  6. Oh my goodness, yes please-could sorting through gorgeous clothing be my job? That sounds like hard work, but fun too :)
    Those flats are magical! I'm sure you could keep them in your bag and pull them out to wear with absolutely everything, which sounds like it would come in handy with your job :) I love the ankle strap!
    And stripes my dear always look so wonderful on you, this dress is fun and beautiful at the same time and DANG I've been loving the bit of lipstick on you lately! It just brightens up your already wonderful smile :)

  7. Your shoes look a lot like the ones that I have on the blog right now! I guess great fashion minds think alike. I love the pointed toe and the nude piping on the dress.


  8. What an adventure..and dream internship this sounds like Elana! I keep forgetting that you are back in Cali now...lucky gal :-) That dress and those shoes...and your lipstick for that matter have me all kinds of smitten. You look gorgeous lady!

    xo Marisa

  9. I love the pattern of the dress - you look so classy : ) And I feel the same way about driving through downtown LA. I swear if it didn't have all those one way streets it wouldn't be so bad. Well, that and skid row haha.

  10. You job does sound pretty cool lady, and it must beat the restaurant life! I really like this dress on you, the colour looks great with your hair! Absolutely love your ring too!

  11. wow that really does sound like an amazing job! hope you're having an amazing time :]

  12. You look so adorable! I really love that dress - so pretty! Glad to hear that your internship is going well!


  13. sounds like such a fun job *jealous* lol. I love the shoes you wore with this outfit nude shoes are always so great for making legs longer! I have really short legs so think this look is fab for summer!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  14. I love your shoes! And I also always wear flats to work. Heels may look cute, but they are not worth the pain! You really are dedicated to take outfit pictures after such a long day!

  15. This is a perfect go-to dress! I love the fit and the stripes. I always love throwing on a cute dress and a cardigan. It's usually such a comfy combination. I really love the pointed flats you wore here and your cardigan looks super comfortable.

  16. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE this dress (also making me so glad to be going through your archives to see what I missed!) This is adorable and yet timeless. I love how you have seemingly mastered the art of dressing in a cute, fashionable way yet also in a way that makes you seem very mature and responsible. That is something I think intern (or at least student teachers) don't always quite nail, and you definitely do.

  17. Really love the contrast of the chunky cardigan with the delicate dress. And I've been swooning over flats like this with ankle straps, they are so pretty!

    perfectly priya

  18. LOVE this dress on you, I def can take a lesson from you for a nice casual but but together work look from you, as Kristian says. Your internship this summer sounds awesome, even though it does sound like a lot of grunt work bet it was a great foot in the door.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda