Things That Caught My Eye This Week #32

If you look closely at this 50s shirt dress from Vera Vague, you'll see that the print is actually chess pieces. And here I thought that I couldn't love 50s-era shirt dresses more than I already do.

This vintage skirt from Les Oubliettes is colorful, flattering, and affordable. Wait, why don't I own it yet?

I love the uniqueness, yet versatility of the Koko necklace from Le Petit Paillette.

I. Need. This. (From Antonin + Margaux)

These shoes from Tamar Shalem are quite possibly the most perfect pair of sandals I have ever seen.

I adore the idea of owning a bracelet with the coordinates from home, and this one from Tatum Bradley Co. is exactly what I've been looking for.

These bags from Tamitik, which you can have your photos printed on, are genius.

I'd say this sheer vintage shirt dress from Five Ten Twenty Vintage is perfect for summer, but I'd wear this beauty all year round.


  1. Well now I have things to put on my birthday wish list!! So many cute things, love that "oh shit it's Monday" tote, I always carry my gym stuff or lunches in those and need that one ASAP! That bright colourful vintage skirt is darling. And I think I need a bag with a Mr.Duke printed on it

  2. That shirt dress with the chess pieces is amazing! Though, admittedly I was slightly let down because I some how read "Chess pieces" as "Cheese pieces" and was like "Cheese dress???? I need it!" Granted, I still want it as a chess dress (because cute!) but alas, it's too small for me. I also love that coordinates bracelet. I want one, too!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. That is the most amazing dress I've ever seen.

  4. lots of lovely items!! I'd say my fav might have to be the pouch w/ your picture on it though. and the skirt is so fun!

  5. That first shirt dress is gorgeous. I always forget how much I love a classic shirt dress until I see a pretty one or someone rocking one. The bracelet with home coordinates is such a cool idea too.

  6. Love all these picks! But I especially love the skirt and the sheer dress!

  7. I won't lie, I would LOVE to walk onto campus with that Monday bag at the start of every'd be awesome ^^

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. I want that tote and that bracelet so bad! My wishlist just gets bigger and bigger...

  9. That is such a cute idea to have the coordinates from home on a bracelet. And hahah that tote is so awesome:)

  10. I absolutely love that vintage chess dress and the sheer blue one :) great finds!
    that Monday bag...I would wear it every week (or day...)

  11. Such a cute pattern! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  12. Obsessing over the 50's dress!! The shape and the print! Sigh.....

    And the blue sheer dress is pretty spectacular too! As are those sandals!

    I love the uniqueness and charm of that bracelet!

    Great finds!!

  13. Love these finds! Thanks so much for including our Chess Dress here, Elana!
    (and to Becca- a 'Cheese Dress' does sound pretty great! You'll be the first to know if we ever find one! haha ;)

  14. You always find the most amazing pieces.

  15. Chess pieces?! I want that one the most. Brilliant finds, per usual!

    perfectly priya

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