I keep forgetting that it's only been two days since my last blog post since it feels like it's been forever. Perhaps it's because I haven't had time to read many blogs lately, or maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't taken pictures since I got back to Illinois (this is my last set from California, minus a couple of Flock Together sets), but I feel like I've been absent. I'm hoping to find time to catch up soon though because life feels a little empty without seeing my favorite blogs on a regular basis. 

As for this outfit, I'm so happy that I dug this vintage skirt out of my closet over the summer. I think I got it my freshman year of college, but wore it to death that year that I had to give it a break. It got left at home and eventually shoved in my "to sell" pile, but one of those "I have nothing to wear" moments prompted me to dig it out again over the summer and I've yet to look back. I really liked the idea of print mixing with the stripes and floral, and I couldn't resist throwing on the denim jacket as well. I swear, I've worn this thing almost every day since I've gotten yet. Last week, T.J. even said, "You know you can't live in that thing, right?" right when I got in his car. He obviously underestimates me.

In other news, I started my first (or rather, first last) day of classes yesterday. They all went well, except for when I mixed up the times of one of my classes and ended up in Applied Physics instead. However, instead of getting up and leaving when I realized the mistake like a logical person would, I just sat through the entire class. Because I'm awkward and didn't want everyone in the class knowing that I had made a mistake. I've honestly never done that before, and I'm glad it only took me until my senior year to do that. It was a fun time.

I really am sorry if I'm behind on commenting on your blogs! Somewhere between class, putting the paper together three times a week, and having some sort of social life, I'll make time for it. Who needs sleep anyway?

Skirt: Vintage
Top: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M
Flats: Need Supply Co.
Ring: eBay


  1. What a cute outfit! I really love those flats! Oh my gosh, that must have been so awkward. In my years of school, I don't think I ever managed to go to the wrong class, but I was constantly terrified that I would. Good luck with your busy schedule!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. This is a great outfit, love the print mixing. And yes you absolutely can wear that denim jacket every day!!! That ear ring is so freakin' cute too :)
    I have absolutely gone into the wrong class, several times, ugh

  3. That is a fantastic striped shirt. Pattern mixing is so fun. As for the class... look at it this way.... maybe you're not being there next time will make the prof think someone dropped out and they will bump up someone from the waiting list :)

  4. Girl, I feel you. I keep following blogs (it's sort of an addiction) and then when I log into bloglovin after a few days off and it casually says I have 174 unread posts!??!? Yeah, I need to reevaluate my life...

  5. You sat through applied physics just to avoid humiliation? What kind of journalist are you, anyway? Good job, Chief. See you Sunday. I'll bring my photo skillz.

  6. I love your skirt, you are so cute! And can we talk about how our favorite show is back? Breaking Bad, what what! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Bahaha, sitting through the entire class....yup, I would've done that too. #AwkwardGirlProblems
    Love the print mix of stripes with the floral skirt! So pretty. And hey, a denim jacket just ties together every outfit perfectly :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Gah you are so cute! Love how you're mixing prints with this outfit! I'm glad your first day of classes went well, and accidentally going to the physics class will always be a fun story :)

    Xo, Hannah

  9. I have done that...until they decided to take roll. hahaha

    I really do hope you have a great senior year girly & think of me (since this SHOULD be mine). As always, cute outfit! I have the exact same sweater except black w/white stripes!

    Style Hippie

  10. Cute outfit! I love mixing florals and stripes! Luckily I've never accidentally walked into the wrong class, but I know a friend who did the same. Ended up in the wrong classroom, but just stayed because she was embarrassed. I would definitely do the same!

  11. I saw that on Twitter- HA. Happy to say I never actually done that before, but on second thought, I can't say I wouldn't have just stayed like you did! This skirt is clearly a gem! You always seem to rediscover things you almost got rid of! Glad to hear T.J. is still around and haha he definitely is underestimating you, I love that. Well I know you're super super busy being back at school, but I hope you're enjoying it all! Talk to you soon!

    perfectly priya

  12. I love your skirt and shoes so much! And I've awkwardly waltzed in and out of classes I didn't belong in before - it can be kind of fun, and I'm so awkward that I've given up on trying to minimize the awkwardness and just embrace it when it arises and try to make it where I'm supposed to be instead. Also, good luck balancing! I face the same issue - school, social life, blog, or sleep, pick three (or two, even) it feels like...


  13. lololol i totally would have done the same girly! hahaha. btw, love that ring, super cute.

    at this volume

  14. Oh man, I would have done the same thing going into the wrong class! Anything to avoid some slight awkwardness haha! Cute outfit xx

  15. Cute outfit! Hahaha, I know that I would have done the exact same thing if I went to the wrong class!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  16. Very cute outfit!
    I love the choice of colour of shoes, and how it makes the rest of the ensemble stand out.
    Awesome styling!
    check out my blog too at

  17. HAHAHA I cannot believe you sat through entire physics class! Though I probably would have done the same exact thing when I was in school. Floral + stripes are my favorite so I of course love the outfit. I had a revelation last night that I think I would be happy wearing a striped top every day this fall!

  18. Haha sleep if you need to Elana :) Blog comments can wait. That is too funny that you just sat through the class lol that's awesome! I LOVE those flats and your cute ring. Stripes and florals are a no-brainer combo and that denim jacket is perfect, of course you wear it all the time!

  19. I love your outfit here! Especially your shoes!
    Magenta xxx

  20. I love your pattern mixing here, too cute!