I honestly don't have much to say today, so I think for once I'll keep this short. A bad case of senioritis has hit me hard — it's not even a month into the semester. I'm hoping that some sort of inspiration will find me and slap me in the face soon, since I've barely even written anything for the paper. Instead, I've been finally catching up on blogs and spending too much time having having anxiety over the last Breaking Bad episode and wondering when The Newsroom actually got good. That's all just as important as school, right?

Though simple, this outfit is a good representation of my style in my opinion. The weird part is, the item I was most excited about finding was the sleeveless white top. I've been looking for the perfect one to layer statement necklaces over, and I finally found this one for a whopping $1 at my favorite thrift store. And I think this eFoxcity statement necklace was the perfect piece to break it in.

Really though, I'm in love with this necklace. It's probably my favorite eFoxcity item to date. If you didn't know yet, eFoxcity is a great website to find wholesale clothing from Chinaevening dresses for 2013, and is really the best place to go for wholesale ladies clothing.

Top, skirt, belt: Thrifted
Necklace: c/o eFoxcity
Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  1. i love that necklace! great outfit :) i am also feeling studies are definitely slacking this semester. hope things continue to improve for you!

  2. Polka dots are my favorite print so you can imagine how much I adore this outfit! Also, no worries about the senioritis - I had senioritis since I was a sophomore in college and I graduated and everything. You'll be fine :]

  3. Cute! Senioritis is rough! I'm not in school anymore, but I ALWAYS get it when I'm about to take a week off of work. I love this outfit. Those shoes are super cute.

    Ladyface Blog

  4. I don't blame you for how excited you are about the white shirt. Basics ARE excited to get because it is so hard to find the exact right one!

  5. Ahhh I love the polka dots on the skirt! I'm always afraid to go with wholesale purchases now because of a previous let-downs on the purchases I've made :(

    A Splash Of Tan

  6. Polkadot and strappy flats perfect!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. Such a cute outfit! I love that polka dotted skirt.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  8. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    You are so cute and your outfit is so absolutely adorable! Love the strappy flats!

    Have a great day,

  9. I was definitely hit with senioritis during my senior year of high school, but now that I've started college I'm so excited by meeting new people. creating my own schedule for myself, and becoming independent! But I understand how that can all get a little old when you're a senior in college, too. Maybe you should take up a fun new hobby like sewing or painting or rock climbing! Woo!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. love the dots on you, and haha Breaking Bad is a great show! have a good senior year!!

  11. Definitely loving this statement necklace! Perfect choice with your sleeveless top.
    Aha, and ah man, Senioritis...bad stuff man. Hope you find your inspiration soon!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. This is so sweet and pretty! You wear white so well and what a steal with that top! Beautiful statement necklace too. I'm with you on the Breaking Bad, I didn't think this season would be this good!

  13. What a great, basic sleeveless top, you're going to get so much use out of that! Love the shade too: a perfect, crisp white. I remember having senioritis when I was like a sophomore, sooo...hope you find inspiration soon girl!

  14. You know what, good white tops are kind of hard to find. I know this because I have yet to find one for myself! You look so cute, I love the necklace and of course the polka dots!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. I hope you manage to find inspiration soon for the paper :) I am in awe of how inexpensive the top was, I definetely need to google more thrift shops! You look gorgeous :)

  16. Girl, I'm feeling you on the senioritis front - it gets pretty bad, huh?

    And that top - oh my gosh! So gorgeous and for a $1, you can't go wrong!