Can You Say Fall?

I probably say this about once a month, but this is my new favorite post. It just captures the essence of fall so perfectly — something that I owe to both Mary and my school. Last week, on the way back from taking a different set of pictures and grabbing dinner, we passed by this spot and immediately both said we had to take photos there next. Fortunately, Sunday happened to have the perfect fall weather, while I happened to wear red and mustard by complete chance. Sometimes I forget how pretty my campus actually is, but one look at this lawn reminded me. I mean, seriously. How is it possible for fall to be this gorgeous? I feel like all of the leaves are going to turn brown and fall off when I wake up tomorrow as if this was all one big cruel joke.

Now that I've gotten my millionth love letter to fall out of my system, I can talk about this outfit. I've mentioned before that I'm a member of a couple of swap groups on Facebook where we people swap clothes they're trying to get rid of for permanent keeps. It's usually hit or miss, and I often find myself having to reswap items because they fit weird or don't look right. Somehow, though, after a string of multiple unsuccessful swaps over the summer, I got my hands on this Modcloth dress. I honestly didn't think the owner would be interested in swapping me for this, but somehow she was just as interested in one of my dresses as I was in this one. You guys. It has polka dots and a couple holding a red umbrella printed all over it. Talk about a gem of a dress.

In between homework and procrastinating writing articles, I've been trying to figure out a Halloween costume. I'm just having a party with my friends (who I see pretty much every day), so I don't really feel the need to spend money or put a lot of time into it. I have one really cheap idea, but I'm going costume shopping later today, so we'll see how things pan out. What are all of you being? And does anyone have any good, cheap suggestions? As long as it isn't slutty, I'm pretty much open to anything.

Dress: Modcloth (via swap)
Jacket, scarf, boots: H&M
Ring: Fifth & Mae


  1. 2 things:

    1// i adore this dress.
    2// you have THE CUTEST FACE!!

    more, please.


  2. These are really beautiful fall photos - you captured all the amazing colors!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. This dress is so darling, I love the print!! It was kismit that you'd get this one, it looks perfect with the denim jacket and mustard scarf. And these are the perfect fall photos!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Fall is totally killing it this year. What a good swap! That dress is darling and looks awesome on you.

    Ladyface Blog

  5. I LOVE this dress! I feel like I say that on every one of your outfit posts but I can't help it - you just have the best collection of dresses!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I seriously love these pictures! The background with all the red fall leaves is so pretty!! The print on your dress is so cute!

  7. You always have the cutest dresses! :)

  8. Omgsh it is SO cute. The print is so fun and quirky! Classic ModCloth material. What a find. I haven't had luck on those sites. Which ones do you use?

    I really wish Miami had a fall. Instead we have rare 60 degree "cold fronts" every few weeks or so. It's so disappointing! Our winter days are like your early fall days.

    And thanks for your comment. Glad you're glad that I'm back!

  9. Too much pretty in these pictures for me to handle. Honestly, that dress....gem is probably the only suitable word...I need one lol You and the fall leaves look amazing!


  10. This dress is perfect and it's perfect for you.

  11. Beautiful photos!! I'm still waiting for magnificent autumn colours here (they've been pretty lacklustre so far). Adorable dress and great jacket as well! You're so cute!

    Jenny Lee

  12. That dress! Serious dress envy. It's gorgeous!

  13. Super cute! I love all of your layers and the fun pop of color from your scarf!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  14. Dude, for Halloween this year I'm just going to wear some funky purple/black striped tights, a black dress, my witchy boots, and then I'll hunt down a witch hat and call it good. Haha, I'm so lazy!
    Anyway, love your adorable print dress! Couples sharing an umbrella? I love it :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. Gorgeous- I love your outfits! Always look forward to them. :)xxx

    Chicnikkie's Blog | BlogLovin' | Facebook

  16. These swaps sound awesome! What a great dress- such a fun print. I hope you had fun at your Halloween party! So I know it's too late now, but a good simple costume is a French person :) When I need something not too costumey (like passing out candy last night) I throw on a beret, striped shirt, red scarf/fabric around the neck, and black skirt or pants.

  17. Definitely my favourite too! I love the print of your dress and the colours of the leaves. Incredible.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  18. I love the shots of you throwing the leaves up into the air! So fun! And your mustard scarf is adorable. My school is so pretty in fall too, I need to take more shots on campus!

    Xo, Hannah

  19. Great dress so cute in a retro kinda way. And yes fall is the best. Bet this quite the enjoyment being from southern Cali!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  20. you are such a cutie Elana! Jonny and i went crazy when we visited Seattle last November, seeing all the fall leaves, so i can def imagine it's awesome for you to see each fall. Btw, do you think you'll stay in the midwest after graduate? anyway, you look just darling, love how you made the dress autumnal w/ the chunky scarf and jacket.