Mashed Potatoes

This is what I wore on Thanksgiving, when I spent the entire day slaving over the kitchen to cook a delicious meal for my family. I spent hours on the turkey, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese, while my loved ones sat around the table drinking and talking. It was a tough task, but it was worth it to create a wonderful meal for my family.

Just kidding.

I really didn't do much but stand there and lend a helping hand every so often (barely) as my dad and sister-in-law cooked, while one of my brothers (who just started bartending) made  everyone cocktails. Even though I can't take any of the credit for the meal — which I joked with my family I would do on my blog — I can still say it was a fantastic dinner. Our family kept it pretty small, with only about 10 of us I think, which was nice. Well, any day that involves homemade mashed potatoes is automatically perfect in my book. I don't think you all can comprehend how much I love mashed potatoes. 

This is my nephew, Jackson. He's obviously having just as much fun as I am:

I received this dress in a permanent swap not too long ago, but I've been saving it. Something about it just felt like it was made to be worn on Thanksgiving, and I feel pretty confident in my decision. I only wish I had remembered to take off my cardigan for some photos to show you the sleeves.

I'll probably do a post to wrap up my week at home, but I did go shopping late on Thanksgiving night. I know it's a terrible thing to do, but I will always be a Black Friday shopper. Besides, I will only go when it's late enough that everyone has had time with their families. I'm all for deals, but I would never sacrifice family time. It helps that my entire family is just as into Black Friday as I am (well, my brother who works for PacSun's website was up all night working, rather than shopping. So he might care about it for different reasons). I went with a group of my friends that night and one of my brothers on Friday, and I managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. However, I'm starting to think I have too many loved ones in my life. At this rate, I'm pretty sure I'll run out of money before I finish buying gifts for everyone. I'm considering just giving them the best gift of all — friendship. They'll like that, right?

Dress: Modcloth (swapped)
Cardigan: Thrifted
Necklace: c/o eFoxcity
Boots: H&M


  1. Glad you had a great weekend, and this dress is indeed perfect for Thanksgiving.

  2. That dress is super cute and perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner - it sounds like you had a great dinner (I`m so with you on mashed potatoes)!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. Ooh that dress is perfect for Thanksgiving - good decision, saving it for the occasion. It's so pretty!
    Glad to hear you had a great time with your family :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Great color combo and the print is really cute on this dress! I was going to be super impressed that you did all that cooking but I'm sure you made for good company keeping ;) I can't believe you have all your shopping done! I've made a mental checklist but need to get to work...

  5. That sounds like a lovely thanksgiving! I am super jealous that ours was so long ago now, and ours is small with just 4 of us as my brother lives away and can never get the holidays off, boo!!
    This colour combination is so perfect for Thanksgiving!! I love the dress, such a lovely pattern too :)

  6. Your dress is adorable! I love the color and print! I'm glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving and have been having a great trip home!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. I love that color on you. Hope you'll stop by and enter my Bauble Bar giveaway

  8. Love that dress! So pretty, I can see why you saved it for the holiday :)

    <3 Megan

  9. Haha! The look on your nephew's face!
    I can definitely comprehend how much you love mashed potatoes; they've always been my absolute favorite thing. SO good. I could live on mashed potatoes and gravy... oh man.
    I love that dress SO much, and this whole outfit is adorable! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, and that you got most of your Christmas shopping done! I'd never been Black Friday shopping, so this year was my first time-- my husband always goes. I didn't find anything for anyone, but I did get some cute owl slippers! And it was fun to wander and see the good deals, anyway.
    I hope you have a great Monday!

  10. You've gotten so much use out of that cardigan! Love it!!


  11. Aww, you look adorable and that dress looks great on you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time spent with family :)

  12. Your mustard dress and maroon cardi work together so nicely and look so festive for Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear that you had a happy holiday with your family :)

    Xo, Hannah

  13. Haha, hey, friendship is invaluable! So that works :)
    I love your mustard yellow print dress - great choice for a Thanksgiving dress! The purple cardigan is a perfect complement to it.
    Ah man, and you're one of THOSE Black Friday shoppers :P Haha, just kidding! I can understand midnight shoppers. However, people who start shopping at 6 or 8 PM on Thanksgiving day? that's just ridiculous

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. I love your dress, and your necklace!!

    (P.S. I am OBSESSED with mashed potatoes! They are so so good!!)

  15. 10 people sound like a lot!!!! :D I can't stand my family if they're more than 5 of us, don't know how crazy it would get if we are 10 :D
    Awesome dress,perfect for those mashed potatoes :D