Happy Thoughts

I've been stressed out lately. It's my last semester of college, and between the seven classes I'm taking in order to graduate, work, a side job (more on that later), job hunting, this blog, and trying to make the most out of my last semester with all of my friends here (some of whom I'm not sure when I'll see again after graduation), I'm struggling to stay sane. So instead of venting or feeling sorry for myself, here are some things that are making me happy at the moment:

  • This jacket, which makes me feel like kind of a badass
  • The fact that I get to go to Chicago next week on the school's dime for a conference
  • California for spring break is really only a few weeks away, and Katie is coming with me
  • Phone calls from my best friend, Whitney, who listens to me vent from across the country
  • A handwritten note mailed to me from the mayor telling me how much he loved and appreciated my column that I wrote on supporting small businesses
  • Texting Parks and Rec .gifs with Whitney and another one of my best friends, Adam
  • Getting to make cookies and play Mario Kart with my nephew, Hayden/watching my niece, Harper, do cheers/making my baby niece, Hattie, laugh/getting videos of my nephew, Jackson, saying hi to me from California
  • It's getting slightly warmer
  • It's fashion week
  • Having a day off because of Lincoln's birthday and spending it having a Star Wars marathon with my friends Aaron, Garrick, and Brittany
  • Knowing that Jenn will be in town this weekend
  • Seeing how far some of my editors have come in their writing and reading great articles from them
  • Listening to Neutral Milk Hotel after a long day
  • Realizing how seriously funny my friends are
  • Getting to talk to my friend Kylie, who's studying abroad in Australia, thanks to technology
  • This
  • This
  • The blogging community, which is made up of the most supportive women 

So there's an outfit and some happy thoughts. What's keeping you from tearing your hair out at the moment?

Dress: H&M via Buffalo Exchange
Jacket: Dry Goods
Necklace, belt: Thrifted
Heart ring: Make Pie Not War
Midi rings: c/o Born Pretty


  1. Ah girl I love this list of things that make you happy. It is SO easy to get caught up in stress and end up being negative, I know I've done it many a time, so i really like your tactic.
    LOVE this jacket, and it's so perfect with that pretty dress, a great mix my dear. Have an amazing weekend :)

  2. Your list of happy thoughts make me happy too!

    And yes, that jacket highlights that you rock :D

  3. It's good to highlight the positives in life; it's definitely something I overlook too much. I usually make lists on what I'd like to do differently if I'm in a slump ... kinda like long-term goal setting. But for me, a quick pick-me-up is almost always a trip to the thrift store. Cheap things that are new to me always makes me happy. :)

  4. Your dress is so so pretty! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. You look so lovely! That jacket is so awesome and badass! Keep your head up lady, you can get through this semester! Have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  6. I need to look on the bright side like you! This is my last semester of grad school and I'm stressed out by even the thought of the work I have to do within the next two months. Ughhh. I know you'll make it through your semester though! I remember the last semester of undergrad being stressful too.
    But anyway, I really love the mix of your girly dress with that super cool jacket. It's a wonderful combination!

  7. Looking gorgeous, lady! I'm sorry to hear you've been stressed out, but I'm glad your life has been full of so many wonderful little things. You'll make it through to the other side before you know it!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  8. Balancing school, work, and still having a life is quite the feat! I've found lately that life has suffered, drastically, and I'm only taking 4 classes, so kudos to you! I'm glad you have so many things to keep you positive! And I love this dress. The neutral colors are perfect :)


    Kalie H.


  9. I completely understand your thoughts. I feel pretty much the same. Trying to stay sane with so much work to do. End of semesters are pretty crazy right?

    Love the dress and the jacket. You have a lovely smile :)


  10. Looove this gorgeous dress Elana! So pretty :)
    And yeah, I kinda can relate to your stressed out state, although sounds like you're staying on top of it! Way to look on the positives and think of things that make you happy

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. It sounds like you're going through quite a lot at the moment! It's nice that you list all the things that make you happy too. I think it's important to remember that when going through a particularly rough time. And hey, a day off ain't too shabby!
    Exploring My Style

  12. This dress is really wonderful on you. This color works so well with your skin tone! Something I totally can't pull off. And I love this list and with every list you post, the more I realize we need to be IRL BFFZ like right now.

  13. Holy cow, you are a busy lady! Your motivation is inspiring and your schedule makes me tired ;) This is a great list, things like this can be so helpful. Some place will be verrrry lucky to have you as an employee so don't you worry. This is such a pretty dress and that jacket is pretty bad ass. Glad you're getting to see some sunshine!

  14. Goodness you're busy! And I thought my life was stressful! I suppose I just don't handle stress well. I love your outfit! Such a pretty dress!


  15. Listing the positives is always a good idea, and this is an awesome list (Parks and Rec really does make for some amazing gifs. April is my spirit animal ;). And I love this dress paired with the jacket! Pretty floral dresses and badass jackets will always be one of my favourite combinations. Keep on keeping on, my dear! You'll get through it <3