Sponsored Post: Let's Talk About Glasses

With all of the snow we've been having, I haven't been able to take any outfit photos. So when Glasses USA contacted me about a post, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk a little about the site and my experience with glasses. I wear my contacts most days, but I actually started wearing glasses when I was 7 years old. For years, I hated them, and I started wearing contacts when I was 11 or so. I was always kind of a nerdy kid, so I took the first opportunity I could to trade in my glasses. Over the years, however, I realized how cool glasses really are. Well, it was more like I realized that getting rid of glasses wasn't enough to make me cool (I'm a lost cause in that area), and I finally got a pair that I love a couple of years ago. I still wear my contacts most of the time, but I love wearing my glasses too. Now, they've become almost more of  an accessory than a necessity, though trust me, they're definitely necessary for my terrible eyesight too. Who would have thought glasses could be so awesome? (Certainly not 11-year-old me.)

I love the glasses I have now, but I've been thinking that it would fun to try a different style sometime soon, which is why I was so intrigued by working with http://www.GlassesUSA.com. It can seem a little daunting to buy glasses online, but Glasses USA has a virtual try on feature that makes it easy to see how each pair looks on you. It might sound weird, but I have kind of a small face, which makes it difficult to find frames (eyeglasses or sunglasses) that fit right, so I enjoyed using this feature to see what would work on me. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the frames I loved (my favorites are the Stepper Black, the Pupil Tortoise, and the Reece Jakob), especially because the prices are so low. The price used to always be my biggest issue as to why I couldn't find glasses that I liked until a couple years ago, so I'm always excited to see how many affordable options there are now. I've looked at a handful of these websites, and Glasses USA looks to have the cheapest prices of eyeglasses online without sacrificing style. 

The best parts about Glasses USA? Not only does the website have a refer-a-friend program, but they're also offering a couple of great discounts for my readers. Use the code "FS15" for 15% off + free shipping off your entire order (including sunglasses) or "Blog10" for 10% off prescription glasses. It's the perfect opportunity to get yourself a pair that make you feel just as cool as I do.

This is a sponsored post for which I am receiving compensation, but all opinions are my own. I only work with companies that I genuinely like and would buy from.


  1. You look great in your glasses!! I've always wanted to have glasses, but I don't need them and feel ridiculous wearing ones with clear lenses. I just think they're so stylin'

  2. Ate you wearing glasses from them in the photos?

  3. I've actually always loved wearing my glasses, even when it wasn't cool and people always asked why I never got contacts! I've worn them for so long (I started wearing them at 12) that they feel like a part of me and who I am in a way! I love me some glasses!

  4. ah, how I love/hate glasses! It's a tough relationship. You always look fab in yours :).

  5. I've worked with Glasses USA before, they're great! I know, I used to hate wearing glasses and jumped at the chance to wear contacts. But now I honestly like switching back and forth. Glasses are stylish too! :)

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  6. I've been wearing glasses since I was six or so and I've hated them ever since. I love that glasses are "in" right now, but I've yet to find the perfect pair. You're glasses are super cute!