Crop Crop

And with this outfit post, I am officially on board the crop top train. I have a couple that I've mostly layered over dresses so far, but I am just really digging the whole crop top + high-waisted bottoms trend at the moment. I love that such a risque item has been into something classy. Kudos, fashion world. This is a TJ Maxx one I got a while ago, but just hadn't busted out until now. It's difficult finding ones that are actually cropped since I'm so short, so I was happy to find one that didn't look like a normal length top on me. The struggle is real. I figured that if I was going to wear a crop top with relatively low sweetheart neckline out to a bar on Saturday night, I needed to at least make it more "me." It's not like I was going to actually going to be cool about it. What better way to say "come at me, boys" than with a cardigan and oxfords? Really though, I did wear this for a night of drinking (read: designating driving in my case) with a bunch of my friends for my pal Greg's 24th birthday on Saturday, and it ended up being a great time. It's always kind of weird seeing some people from high school who you haven't seen much in the past four years, but fortunately it was all really pleasant. I suspect most of this summer and my transition into back home will involve a lot of reconnecting with old acquaintances and friends for a short while.

Other than pretending like getting invited to parties is a normal thing that happens to me on a regular basis, my life has been all about work lately. I'm seriously loving my internship, and I'm also loving my bi-monthly meet-ups with my boss at this great coffee shop in Venice. I'm starting to do more social media for the company, so I highly suggest following FAB Counsel on Twitter and Instagram. If you're an L.A. blogger, keep a look out for a kickass event that will be going on in October. 

By the way, I was trying to think of a "crop" pun to use for this post title, but I was struggling to come with anything original. Because I'm me, I couldn't help but make a "Community" reference and think of Magnitude's catchphrase: "Pop pop." So basically, about five of you will get the true meaning behind this dumb post title. 

Would now be a good time to mention that I actually have a pop culture post in the works? It's going to be great. 

Also, shout out to my sister-in-law Elyse for taking these awesome pictures and most future ones because she doesn't have a choice.

Top: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Express, from a swap
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: PacSun


  1. I'm so jealous that you are able to wear a cardigan at this time of the year! I'm dying to layer, but it is in the 90s outside, haha. Your crop top is adorable, though (: I love the mint green color!

  2. You are just adorable. I'm loving this crop top on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Ah I love the chevron pattern and color of that crop top. I need to find a high waisted skirt to work because otherwise Im slightly scared of trying out the crop top trend. I agree with Amber I wish I could wear a cardigan during summer…. maybe I can pull off a short sleeved one

  4. good for you! i've been itching to try out a crop top with a high waisted skirt (that doesn't show any skin), but i've yet to find the one. i love the addition of the cardigan here, keeps it sweet :)
    xo jac

  5. I'm curious to try out the crop and high waist trend too. This is darling.

  6. Good to know the internship is going well. I'm still not sure how I feel about crop tops, but since I love high waisted skirts and pants, it only seems natural. Might be worth a try. :)

  7. Ahahahaha I love the Community reference! So great. And you look super cute! I love the pattern of that crop top. And the color. And how it fits you! So, so pretty.

  8. That crop top looks so cute on you! I'm still not brave enough to try it, but I do agree. Pairing it with something high-waisted feels so vintage chic.

  9. Love the crop top and skirt combo! I actually have a bodysuit thing that reminds me of this crop top which reminds me I should try and find it again! Also, the pictures turned out beautifully!

  10. I lol'd for real about you making the outfit "cool" aka more you. it's so true haha. anyway, i love this, you, and i'm planning my trip to california on my opinions editor salary already. be ready.


  11. You are totally rocking this crop top! I love the blue chevron! Fun!

  12. Love this pretty mint crop top! It looks so pretty with the high waisted skirt. And ahahahah I feel ya! Some of my crop tops could probably pass as normal tops too since I'm so short.

    So glad to hear that you are loving your internship! It's always so exciting when internships/work is fun :)

  13. I have yet to buy a crop top because I don't have that many high-waisted items to go with it. Maybe if I find one while thrifting this weekend I'll give it a shot. I love how you styled yours here! I'll have to keep an eye out for that awesome event you speak of :)