Go With the Flow

There are a couple of items that I'm sending out to some of the Flock Together girls for them to borrow that I realized I hadn't worn in a while, so I decided that I should take pictures in them one more time before they're out on loan. This top was one of them, and while I realized later that this is not at the first time I've paired it with a polka dot skirt (ahem), I couldn't help but be reminded of how well they work together. I'm not exactly sure why I haven't busted out this shirt in so long, but I think I need to start giving it some more love soon. Of course, let's just not mention the fact that I've been so busy that I've yet to mail out this top or the other items. Oops. 

It's kind of funny to me how busy I've been, and I'm very happy about it. One of the hardest parts of post-grad life for me has been not having everything planned all the time, so I've been going into each week like I'm traveling into the unknown. I also assume I'll have no plans and tons of relaxing time, but that's barely been the case at all so far. My internship has been taking up a lot of time (I got to spend yesterday in Santa Monica working with my boss at a coffee shop and then exploring some of the shops in the area), and somehow I always find myself with plans with a friends. (Last night was spent watching the seriously fantastic Jenny Slate movie "Obvious Child," which I cannot recommend enough.) Adding my restaurant job to that, and it's been great keeping unexpectedly busy. It's weird not being a walking to-do list, but it's a welcome change of pace. I've never been the "go with the flow" kind of gal, so here's to hoping I get the hang of it. 

Also, if anyone hasn't noticed, I've been trying to get back into separates lately. Most of my closet is dresses, but for some reason I've been leaning more toward tops and skirts again. You know me, just getting crazy with my wardrobe as usual. 

Top: Modcloth
Skirt, purse, shoes: Thrifted


  1. Ah! So adorable! Those shoes were made to go with the skirt, I think.

  2. This might be one of my favorite outfits you've put together! I love the collar/color on the top, and that skirt is a-mazing!

  3. I wish I could go shopping with my boss! That just sounds like a great experience all around. Ha.

  4. Going with the flow was one of the hardest parts of post-grad life for me, too. All the free time leaves so much room for spontaneity, which was never really my strong suit. I've since gotten used to it, though (but I still carry a planner... old habits die hard :x).

    I'm swooning over the shoes in these photos. They're so classy.

  5. This outfit looks incredibly lovely on you! Very flattering and professional. And I really want to see Obvious Child!

    xox Sammi

  6. You look beautiful! Love the polka dots with the mustard blouse- adorable! Alex


  7. Such a cute , polished outfit :) I think it's so cool that you girls get to send each other clothing to borrow from each other- great way to also save money by sharing! Haha, we're the opposite- you just graduated and I'm going into post secondary.. ahh... so nervous!! You seem like you have a really nice road paved out in front of you, with all those jobs and internships! Good luck in your future endeavors!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  8. I'm not much of a go-with-the-flow type either, although sometimes I wish I was! :) Love this pairing, I need to jump on that top sometime. I love dresses but really dig separates for the remixing/pattern mixing possibilities!

  9. this outfit looks so adorable on you! I love it. that top is amazing. I'm also not very go-with-the-flow... more like, meticulously-plan-out-every-detail-of-my-day and have a meltdown whenever something changes unexpectedly. "but... but... but.... that wasn't supposed to happen!"

  10. Oooh, a mustard yellow top with an adorable collar? So you!
    Plus, that skirt is just cute. I love it :)
    Ahaha, and I've always been a more go-with-the-flow girl. Of course, I could stand to be more organized...sigh.
    There are perks to both sides!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. I feel you girl. Right now I'm post graduation and read this, help me alot because i'm feeling the same. I;m bit of "more-go-with-the-flow-" girl.
    I hope one day I can visit you and hang around :) Santa Monica is beautiful!!]


  12. The "un-known" is always the most nerve wrecking part... you get used to having butterflies in your stomach all the time. Oh... and the anxiety (you'll get used to that too). Ha ha! I have to say you look amazing in this get up! I think the top and polka dot skirt look lovely together! It's great that you "don't have plans" all set out in stone for each morning! Cheerish these moments... you'll look back on them as the happiest days of your young adult life. Oh and just so you know... even when you're in your mid 30's... you still don't know what the hell your doing. Ha ha!

  13. I absolutely love this entire outfit! Down to your shoes, it's so cute!

  14. I would totally wear this <3 I love the colors and patterns!

    - Anna


  15. I love that wearing anything other than a dress is considered getting crazy. When I wear a dress I'm getting crazy! Haha that skirt is lovely! Black and white polka dots will always be in style.

  16. after I graduated I totally freaked out because I had so much more TIME, and essentially a part-time job, so though I didn't feel super productive, the freedom to do what I want whenever was a difficult adjustment! so, I feel you. enjoy it, because the 9 to 5 grind, while somewhat comforting, takes up all your time again like school did!

    love this combo too! the picture with just your skirt is SO cute.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  17. I love this look so much! That top is just so lovely, especially with the polka dots. Busy sounds good and I think going with the flow sounds exciting c: