But First, Coffee

I'm pretty behind on blogging, and this outfit is pretty much the same things I've been wearing all summer long, but I've actually been busy, which means I have things to talk about. The past week has been much more eventful than I expected, and it's a sign of things to come once September gets here. I've been all around Southern California lately, and I'm not complaining. Last week included an impromptu shopping and dinner trip to LA with Whitney, a couple of bars in Orange County, a very random fashion show and dinner in Long Beach, a quick frozen yogurt trip with friends, and a game of Cards Against Humanity. Sunday night was my trip to Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd. for a taping of Harmontown, one of my favorite podcasts. I cannot get over how great it was. I've been a giant fan of Dan Harmon (creator of "Community" and "Rick and Morty" if you missed me talking about him in my last post) for at least a few years, so getting to see him in person was incredible. He's such a brilliant writer, and he's absolutely hilarious and quick on stage. I'm pretty sure my friend Adam and I are going to go to another taping soon, and there are some other Nerdist shows (Meltdown Comics is the Nerdist Inc. headquarters) that I'm hoping to see soon as well. 

Yesterday was another kind of random trip to LA that turned out to be eventful. I caught up with my friend Chelsea, who I went to high school with, a few weeks ago, and we bonded over our love of coffee. We had discussed that there are so many great coffee shops in LA, but no one else is crazy enough to make the hour drive (which you get used to when you live here) just to get coffee. Obviously we decided that we're crazy enough to do so, so we're starting our Southern California coffee tour. We made the drive and chatted over lattes outside at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. Then, for once in my life, I got to feel like a real Californian who nonchalantly has celebrity sightings when Joel Madden, followed by Benji Madden, stopped at the table next to ours to talk with a friend they ran into. We didn't approach them, mostly because it seemed like the kind of neighborhood where that happens often and people aren't fazed by it, but I did sneak a picture, which you can see on my Instagram. They're definitely people who I haven't thought about in years, but hey, it's still cool. Growing up in Orange County, I've been pretty far removed from celebrity sightings and LA life my whole life, despite what most people out of state would think. But I mean, whatever. It's no big deal. 

Even though this outfit isn't very new to the blog and I've worn a couple variations of it not too long ago, it's still one of my favorites to wear. This top and skirt are two of my favorite things that I've gotten over the summer, and I love how they look together. I'm super behind on taking outfit pictures, so fingers crossed that I have more time this week.

Oh, and to top it off, the Emmys were last night. I watch so much TV, so I get really excited about the Emmys, as I do with most award shows. I already shared enough of my thoughts on Twitter, but just know that "Breaking Bad" won everything, so I'm very happy.

Peter Pan collared top: J. Crew Factory
Skirt: Thrifted BB Dakota
Oxfords: UO
Tote bag: Old Navy
Bracelet: Fifth & Mae


  1. I love that skirt girl! I've seen it before but I love it everytime... it's so fresh and summery! You look perf and it sounds like you've been having a lot of fun hanging out with good friends.

  2. I love the floaty- summery feeling of the skirt with this. Sounds like you've been having a good time; hooray!

  3. I'll have you know I was coming over to catch-up on your blog, but figured I'd better go read the complete list of Emmy winners first! Do you feel like True Detective was robbed of anything?

    I think it was Joel (?) Madden used to live in Santa Clara (super randomly) across the street from one of my brother's good friends! So that's my random Madden brothers story! That's super cool though.

    i LOVE this outfit! You're right, it's the combination of two super cute pieces that makes for an awesome outfit. Nice work!!

    And I love the idea of an extended coffee date. How fun!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. Twelve-year-old me is giddy at the thought of you running into the Madden brothers. Apparently I need to go to California because Chris Hardwick/Nerdist. Meltdown Comics is also a great name for a comic book store.

    I love everything about this outfit. That bracelet caught my eye especially. Such a dainty little Triforce.

  5. LOVE the pattern of your skirt! It's so pretty, especially with the light top and the peter pan collar. Obvs!

    I too am quite behind on blogging. I feel like it happens in the summer. The intentions are always there, but it's hard to make the time!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. Awww, that pleated skirt is just so lovely <3 I adore your peter pan collar on the top as well.
    And yes, nothing like bonding over coffee. Hehe, I love it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. A one hour trip for a coffee huh, and I thought I was the crazy one taking hour long trips just to sit on a somewhat good restaurant :D Love the outfit so much, it's girly and cheerful! ^_^
    Haha, I've never seen any celebrities, can't imagine how it must feel like, if I ever see Hugh Jackman my heart's probably going to explode O_O

  8. love your skirt you look amazing xxx
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  9. I love this top every time you wear it. It's so simple, yet so chic! I pretty much love anything on a peter pan collar, haha. And it looks so lovely paired with that floral skirt. Your summer has been sounding pretty awesome. I've pretty much been doing nothing, so I'm just going to live vicariously through you (:

  10. LOVE this outfit!! So so cute!! Pinned to Pinterest right now!

  11. I hope we can do a coffee tour when I visit L.A. It's only 4 hours of my hometown and I will love to chat with you :DD


  12. I love that skirt! It looks like you had a fun weekend in LA. :) I love seeing other SoCal bloggers! :)

  13. Ok so I've lived in So Cal for the past four years now and celebrity sightings never get old! I guess it makes them feel more like actual people... Cameron Diaz lives right by my old work and she came in one day and I couldn't stop staring in ahh. I saw a few Disney stars at Disneyland when I came to visit in high school as well as Cheryl Burke from DWTS a few months ago at John Wayne airport. I find them all exciting!

  14. Omg this outfit is so pretty:D Epitome of a beautiful, breezy summer!

    <3 Megan