Stripes and Pie

I wore this yesterday to hang out with my friend's mom, which is a thing I'm not even embarrassed to say. I'm sure I've mentioned Kyle, one of my best friends who is in the Air Force traveling the world working tech for Tops and Blue, which entertains the troops. Because Kyle is awesome (don't tell him I said that), he sent a box to his parents' house with some gifts from Japan for me and Adam. Even better than the souvenirs, though, was the chance to visit his parents. His mom invited us over for pie, ice cream, and coffee, and we ended up sitting and talking with her for a couple of hours. Basically, she's great. I became friends with Kyle when we were 13, so I practically grew up with his family and seeing them is always a delight. Plus, Kyle sent me a gorgeous fan that he got from a castle in Okinowa. So yeah, I spent the night hanging out and eating pie with my friend's mom. You know, like the cool kids do.

But let's talk about this dress. Tieka of Selective Potential has been one of my favorite bloggers for years, and her blog was one of the first ones that really inspired me. I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it on her, so when Tieka had it listed in her shop for incredibly cheap, I knew it had to be mine. I'm obviously a sucker for stripes, and that low open back and the slits by the shoulders are perfection. It's such a great summer dress, and I love it with this Mata Traders necklace and these peach Modcloth sandals. I can't wait to remix this for the rest of summer and layer it up when fall comes.

Honestly, for the most, things have been pretty uneventful around these parts lately. It's just been a lot of watching "Bob's Burgers" on Netflix and listening to old episodes of The Nerdist/remembering how in love with Chris Hardwick I am. Pretty much the usual.

Dress: Selevtive Potential closet sale
Necklace: Mata Traders
Purse: Thrifted


  1. Aw, this dress is beautiful on you! It's very summery, and I love that that stripes are going two different directions. I've been reading Selective Potential for a little bit, too. She has the cutest outfits ever. :)

    Also, hoping to put up the outfit post with your dress later today. Yay!

  2. Wow! I love that necklace! That dress is adorable too and you look oh so happy!

  3. What a sweet friend- and family! Stripes are always fun and you seem quintessentially summery here.

  4. That evening with your friends parents sounds absolutely amazing! Definitely nothing to be remotely ashamed of (: And this dress is really lovely! I love the colors and the stripes (:

  5. That dress is adorable and your accessories are so cute! I especially love the peach sandals :)

    xo, Serli

  6. Such a pretty dress! Love the ladylike & beachy vibes this outfit has! :)

    <3 Megan

  7. This dress is so cute and your friend sounds so awesome!

  8. What a cute dress! Stripes are so pretty on you!

  9. That's such a pretty dress! I love the soft blue/white combination.

    The cut out detailing on the back is pretty darn cute, too!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. You look so cute and happy! I love that bag!

  11. Love the dress <3 Beautiful thrift find. The colors are perfect!

    - Anna

  12. Tieka was one of the first bloggers I started following too (you can totally see her influence back in my earlier blogging years haha). Way to snatch up her adorable dress!
    And yes, to pie and catching up with friend's moms...haha, that's funny. xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. I really wish I had a friend whose parents were willing to hang out with me for an afternoon. Especially if pie was involved. Yay Chris Hardwick! This dress is great, especially the little cut-out in the back. I love little surprises like that on clothing.

  14. You look so lovely and your hair is beautiful! I've just started a blog of my own so if you're interested you are very welcome to visit. Followers are desperately needed!!

  15. Woah, get that back out of here you sex kitten.


  16. Girlfriend I am NOT ashamed to say I love hanging out with some of my friend's moms as well! No shame!! That dress is perfect. That's kinda like, a fairy-tale blogger story, the way that ended up. Your hair is super cute like that!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  17. That sounds like a great way to spend an evening! Though I usually spend evenings hanging out with my own mom haha.

    Anyway, I love this striped dress and the cute cutout in the back. You look so cute! And how fun that you got it from Tieka's closet sale.

    Jamie |