I've been saying this for a while, but September is going to be an exciting month for me. Much to my surprise, however, the excitement started a little earlier than expected. Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their new baby daughter, Madeline Elisabeth, into the world, and I was fortunate enough to get to meet her soon after. I absolutely adore being an aunt (I have two nephews and now three nieces), so I'm overjoyed at her arrival. Both my sister-in-law and the baby are doing wonderfully, and I already can't wait until I get to visit them again this week. Forget everything I've said about feeling weird about moving back home. Obviously it's all totally worth it just for this. And other things, of course, but mostly this.

I got woken up pretty early by my parents (after working three 7 a.m. shifts in a row) and then spent almost all day at the hospital, so I wanted to change into something that I felt good in before I left the house later last night. This dress has been another all star of my summer wardrobe, and it has yet to fail in making me happy and being comfortable. This outfit is simple and very typical of me, but it's one of those ones that I just really enjoy. Feel-good outfits are always important to have, even if they do include cardigans that you talk yourself into wearing when it's 80 degrees. I'm pretty confident in saying that I don't think I've ever regretted wearing a cardigan, even in the middle of summer. Cardigans forever.

I've been super busy and will be getting even busier soon, but I hate how little time I've devoted to blogging lately. Don't get me wrong; I love everything that I've been doing and I love knowing that it's okay to not be overly attentive to my blog all the time, but I don't like that I haven't had as much time to do something that I love lately. I especially miss having time to comment on blogs, but I hope everyone knows that I've still been reading a bunch whenever I can. Just pretend that I'm commenting. I feel like you should all know my writing voice well enough at this point to just make up comments for me. You have my permission. I won't even call the plagiarism police on you.  

Dress: H&M via Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan: Thrifted
Sandals: Vintage


  1. LOL! You are too cute and funny! I've been really lax about blogging and commenting lately too! It's okay to take a break and concentrate elsewhere in your life. I love this red dress on you... I've seen it before but you're right, it's a happy go to dress. Congrats on becoming and Auntie again!

  2. Congrats to you on becoming an aunt of five (and to your brother and sister for having the baby!) It's totally fine that you haven't been as active in the blogging community. We all take breaks every once in a while!

  3. Ah since I recently posted about a lack of blogging I totally get where you are coming from but at the same time this just means theres exciting and more pressing matters going on in your life! Which isn't a bad thing. That cardigan is to die for! I love the floral stitched detail. Congrats on your new niece. I agree being an aunt is the best. I have a new nephew coming into the world in January! So I get your excitement.

  4. Awww a new baby in the fam, how exciting! I will totally pretend you're commenting if you do the same for me, I have totally been missing my usual reading list lately!
    xo Hannah

  5. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!! :] So exciting!
    Your photos/outfit are super adorable.

  6. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law!! That's wonderful!! You look so darling by the way!

  7. Congrats to your fam on the new addition!! So exciting!! I saw your photo on Instagram earlier. Just precious :)

    Don't you just hate when "life" gets in the way of blogging time? hah

    Loving the red dress on you. So pretty!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  8. Congrats on the newest addition to the family! I bet being an auntie is an amazing feeling. Don't worry, I wear cardigans in the summer all the time too, even in the hot SoCal weather. I love your outfit, and I love how your white belt goes with the details of the cardi :).

    xo, Serli

  9. Aww, congrats to your brother and sister-in-law! I saw the Instagram photo, and Madeline is absolutely adorable.
    Love your comfy yet SUPER cute outfit here. Nothing beats a red dress <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Congratulations on a new addition to your family! How exciting! I do agree that cardigans are a must for anytime of the year. I would certainly want to get comfy and dressed up after so little sleep!

  11. Congrats on being an aunt again! How exciting that you get to be there for that occasion. You do such great looks with dresses. Being a fellow dress-lover, I can appreciate all of your dress outfits. I've gotten so many ideas from your looks.

  12. Oh! How wonderful for you and your family to welcome this newest addition!

    The red dress is lovely (how can one go wrong with red?!)

  13. Ahaha I talk myself into wearing cardigans in the heat too! I just love them so much and I really like the one you're wearing here. I love this red dress on you too! And congratulations on your new niece!

    Jamie |

  14. Cardigans forever! I always have one with me too, they're just perfect if you ask me, especially for cold hospital rooms. That dress is serious money. It's so cute on you!

  15. Ha, I've been the same way about blogging the last few weeks... kinda just binging. Which is probably why this comment is going up almost a week after you posted this.