Current Uniform

After months of shocking amounts of self control and determination, I finally broke down. I online shopped. I tried not to, I really did. However, when all of my favorite websites are having massive sales and I'm feeling uninspired while looking at my closet, I don't think I'm really to blame. Okay, I'm definitely to blame. I bought a few things recently, and I really shouldn't have, but I got good deals and I'm actually not broke after paying my first month of rent. I'm not really sure if I'm justifying this to you guys, myself, or my mom, but regardless, I don't feel THAT bad. How could I, when my Ruche purchase consisted of this absolutely perfect dress by Kling and equally perfect sandals? This is basically my dream dress, and it was made for summer. Plus, I've been searching for a pair of simple brown sandals for too long.So yes, I did find my new summer/year/life uniform. Thank you for noticing.

Most of my time right now is being spent trying every coffee shop in my new area, eating ice cream, and finally getting my boyfriend, Jon, to watch Parks and Rec with me. I'm also getting more and more excited about my birthday next week since my best friend, Whitney, planned a nice little get together for me, and I'm taking the day off so that Jon and I can go to Balboa Island for some tacos and beach time. Other than getting yelled at by irrational customers at work all day, life is pretty great at the moment.

Dress, sandals: Shop Ruche
Ring: Fifth & Mae


  1. Those sandals look so comfy! That dress is super perfect though. I love the picnic-y pattern to it. I am so bad with online shopping. I can't stop! I wish I was more nervous about it. I have mostly been on Poshmark and Vinted lately. You can get some really good deals on cute stuff from Modcloth, Ruche, etc.

  2. Those sandals were a wise purchase for sure! I bet you can wear them everyday.

    I'm still in the middle of watching Parks & Rec for the first time with Hunter (we've paused for OITNB + True Detective) and I'm loving it! I bet it's just as fun to watch it again with someone who's never seen it.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. This is a lovely dress! Glad life is going well.

  4. You shouldn't feel bad when this dress is adorable!! LOVE!

  5. More like irrational assholes :D Very happy you are doing guud this summer, don't sweat about the online shopping weakness, story of my life dude!This dress is phenomenal, looks like a dress from a retro sticom, you are as cute as a button with it!

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