I don't have too much time to write, but here's one of my new favorite outfits that I wore to work yesterday. I don't think I've owned anything with a turtleneck since I was a kid, but I couldn't resist this sweet lavender dress. I love that it fits right in with my wardrobe, but is still a tad different from anything I own. My favorite part of this outfit, though, is the Margot Tenenbaum pin from Andsmile Studio. I've been wanting to buy a pin from this shop for a while now, ever since I discovered it on Etsy, and I finally caved and let my love for Wes Anderson dictate my purchases. I got this one and a Steve Zissou one, and I'm probably going to have to buy the X-Files ones soon as well. They're too perfect.

There's a lot of exciting stuff going on right now at work and outside of work, and I can't wait to tell you more when I have more time. I'm finally starting to feel like my post-college funk is going away a little (a year and a half later), and I couldn't be happier.

Dress: Ruche
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens


  1. Ah, I have neglected blog reading for far too long. I missed your cheerful outfits and addictive words. As always, looking great- I love the colour of that dress! Great to see you wearing an Andsmile brooch, hurrah for British brands! I was gifted a similar brooch and I love, love, love it :-) Hope you've been well!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink

  2. I really adore this outfit...the color is a bit unexpected for fall but the turtleneck and skater silhouette looks so retro chic!

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

  3. Something so unique yet utterly charming with a purple turtleneck!

  4. I was so anti turtleneck in high school and college and now I'm loving them! I think it was lingering memories of uncomfortable turtleneck sweaters of the 90s even though I definitely had some comfortable cotton turtleneck shirts back then too. Now I'm loving them! They keep me warm and they're so classic. I'm loving the pretty purple color of your turtleneck dress here. It looks great with the jean jacket!

    Jamie |

  5. LOVE THIS DRESS! The fabric must be nice too :)