Could this skirt be any dreamier? I've been eyeing it online for too long, and I finally got it with a discount from work a month or so ago. Kling has become one of my absolute favorite brands, which I've spent far too much time stalking when I'm supposed to be working. I spend all day drooling over expensive clothes at my job so it's always nice to distract myself with brands that are at least a little more in price range. Of course, my price range is nonexistent now that it's essentially the holiday season. With my family (including three brothers, two sister-in-laws, parents, and five nieces and nephews), plus best friends, Jon, and gift exchanges, I have too many people to buy for. Add in that I'm paying more bills this year than ever before, and I may just be in deeper than I can handle. The worst part? I still insist on buying everyone thoughtful gifts. I can't break the habit. I even signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa because I love the idea of buying a random person a gift they'll love, even though I can't afford it.

...would it be weird to crowdfund my Christmas presents? I think people would donate to Kickstarter devoted to buying my nieces and nephews awesome toys, right? 

On the bright side, I've hit a stroke of luck getting free things lately. In addition to winning Sammi's giveaway, I also won $50 to Schoola on Instagram and a Starbucks gift card from my office building since our air conditioner and heater has been awful lately. I'm trying to figure out what other freebies I can score now. All ideas are welcome.

Top: J. Crew Factory
Skirt: Kling via Yoox
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Cardigan: Thrifted


  1. Gaaaaahhhh, love the skirt. And the Swedish Hasbeens.

  2. This skirt is so adorable! I love the unique ballerina print all over it. Paired with your bright red cardigan, this is such a cute look overall :D

    I'm on the Tube!

  3. What a wonderful tissue, I love it :) Where do you find it ?? Do you have an url for me ?


  4. You are too cute- and so kind, as your Christmas Quandry shows. I'd no idea they did something like that on Reddit. How fun!