Etsy Favorites #48

I found the perfect tote bag that I never knew I wanted. It's covered in legs and it's made by Jordan Grace Owens:

If I get this happy looking at this bright yellow vintage dress from That's Spiffy Vintage, imagine how I would feel wearing it:
Guys, it's a cat-a-lope cardigan. Why do we not all own this? It's from Simka Sol and just knowing that it exist makes life better:
Speaking of things that make me happy, I can't help but smile when I look at this glitter balloon clutch from Luna on the Moon:
This Triceratops necklace from Xuanqi Rabbit is a wonderful add a touch of fun to any outfit: 
As usual, I am a sucker for tote bags that are a bit unique, but still work on the go with any look. This bunny tote from Little Zosienka is no exception:
I've been wearing less and less jewelry lately, but these gold rings from Harp Designs are so lovely that it's making me rethink things:


  1. all of the above are just lovely and great!

  2. That first bag and the balloon bag are just soo freaking cute!
    The Adored Life

  3. I am really in love with the idea of wearing lots of jewelry, too, but I only really wear it in large quantities in my blog posts. Afterwards I tend to remove a few rings so I'm more comfortable, so I totally feel you.