White Dress + Thrifted Cardigan

I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but this outfit is positively dreamy. Although I made myself a promise to end my habit of stopping into TJ Maxx and picking up items that only last a month, I'm constantly reminded of how wonderful this dress is. I bought it almost a year and a half ago (when I needed a last minute outfit for a FAB Counsel event during my internship), and it has ended up being one of my most reliable pieces. It's really not helping with my goal of shopping more consciously. 

I wore it with this cardigan that I got while thrifting with Erica of Sweets and Hearts in Burbank a few months ago, and it's the best. The store I found it in has items donated from film and TV studios, and while no one famous wore this one, I still like to think that it brushed the arm of someone important. Paired with these heels and a heart ring, I decided that this would be my best attempt at a Valentine's Day outfit. I've never put much thought into the holiday, but since I'm in happy relationship, I figure I might as well embrace it for once. And by that, I mean, that I'm embracing the excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. Not that I need an excuse. If you think about it, every month gives you as least one excuse to eat junk food. November and December? Come on. March? You have to eat heavy food to absorb all of that alcohol on St. Patrick's Day. Flag Day? There's no other way to celebrate. President's Day? You can't honor them with salads. August? Please. We must mourn the end of summer by consoling ourselves with fatty foods. Trust me, you can find an excuse to eat candy at time if you try hard enough.

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Dress: TJ Maxx
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange


  1. I love this outfit, Elana! And you're so right about every month having an excuse to gorge oneself... which is why it's always really hard to eat healthfully because I keep putting it off until "after _____"... oops.

    xox Sammi

  2. You look beautiful and this cardigan is awesome! Looks like it could have been in Grease or something.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. This outfit is so, so dreamy. The white dress looks foamy and cloud-like soft and the pale, pale blush contrasts just enough with the white to give a very sweet (without getting twee) look!

  4. You look gorgeous! Very pretty dress and lovely sandels.