Ruche White and Black Skirt + Polka Dot Top

They should just rename tax return season "shopping excuse season." For the first time in months, I indulged my shopping addiction. I've been good; I really have. I've been putting aside money each pay check and only spending on food and gas for a while in an effort to save for a new apartment. I even put most of my tax return into savings. However, I think I can get away with spending some of it on new clothes, right? Right. This is my way of saying: meet my new Ruche skirt. I bought a few sale things, including this skirt, which is actually part of a set with a matching crop top. There was only one size left and it turned out to be a bit big, but you know me, I'm a problem solver. I put the top in my hamper in hopes that it will shrink when I wash it next, and I grabbed this belt to pair with the skirt. Psh, fits like a glove. I pulled out this black dress to wear as a top, and voila! I make it all work, ya'll. 

Speaking of shopping addictions, I wore this outfit to go thrifting on Saturday with my best friend. I've been itching for new clothes, but mostly, I've been desperate for a thrifting trip. After coffee at Ink & Bean (one of my absolute favorite coffee shops) and wandering through a flea market with no cash, we browsed through Savers and one other store. I always have the best luck in Savers, which is why it's my first go-to. The entire day, I spent under $50 and got three dresses, five shirts, and two pairs of shoes. I would call that success, but that's just me.

Skirt: Ruche
Top (dress worn as top): Modcloth via swap
Sandals: vintage
Bag: Thrifted


  1. Oooooh, I love your new skirt! And good for you for making it work. See, I'd totally be scared of trying something like that. But I love how you're like PSH WHATEVER and just do it. That purse is so lovely, too!!

  2. Great skirt! I totally agree that tax season is just another excuse to shop...I can't help it :')

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  3. I took an unintended clothing shopping break for two months (I did buy a lot of books though!) and only recently bought some new things and now I feel happier about my wardrobe again! Some tax money should definitely go towards clothes!
    Sincerely, Sara