Guest Post: Midwest Muse

Is weird to call someone you've never actually met in person your blogging "best friend?" If it is, then I don't want to be normal. Jessica of Midwest Muse is that person for me, and she's my favorite person I've gotten to know through blogging. Jessica is witty, stylish, pop culture savvy, and a total badass. I'm just now returning from trip, so Jessica is kindly taking over for me today. Enjoy her adorable spring outfits!

Hello, lovely readers of Elana's! Jessica from Midwest Muse here. Elana is one of those lucky girls who lives in a place with perpetual summer and I am so not one of those girls. I live in Ohio where Winter lasts for a million years, Fall a brief moment before becoming Winter, Spring kind of happens, but mostly turns back into Winter or right into Summer.

Which is a really long way of saying, I savor the sweet moments of Spring when I can. There's something so refreshing about crisp mornings, hot afternoons, and chilled evenings.

Here's a look at some of my favorite Spring outfits. The Ohio guide to dressing for Spring is light layers because you'll likely experience every season in one day.

one | two

three | four

five | six


  1. Totally not weird to call your blogger friends BFF. Alissa is basically my BFF. You're a BFF. You're all my freaking BFFs because like... YOU GET FASHION BLOGGING. Some people don't get that. Ya feel?

    Jessica, you are so cute as always. I wanna steal your pretty dresses. And I never saw you with long hair before. YOU CAN PULL ANYTHING OFF!!

  2. Jessica's style is always so fun to see, especially on round ups. And your friendship is delightful to see in action (isn't it funny how blogging gives you a literal document of your friendship that way?)

    Hope the trip was fun and also that you feel better Elana!