Old Navy Gingham Dess + Denim Jacket

Can you tell how sweaty I am in these photos? Changing three times in a park for multiple sets of outfit photos and wearing a denim jacket in the middle of summer were not two of my finest ideas, but I stand by them. I love the classic look of a denim jacket and gingham sundress, and I especially love having a place to put some of my favorite pins. Sure, the heat was unbearable, but sometimes clothes are worth it.

I'm still on a high from my wonderful weekend, but I'm lucky to actually enjoy my job. My work has taken on some new clients that are exciting, so I've been keeping busy. I'm also starting to do a bit of work on the side for my old company. I'm mostly doing it for the little bit of extra money to put toward a new apartment, but I also really missed my old coworkers so I'm excited to have an excuse to chat with them online again. 

I may or may not have rewatched all of Chuck in the span of a couple of weeks, and now I'm feeling all of the emotions from that again. I had forgotten how in love with that show I am. The finale always wrecks me. So much for finally watching all of the new shows I've said that I would watch. Give me all of the reruns.

Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: BDG via Plato's Closet
Sandals: Ruche
Pineapple & flamingo pins: c/o Luella
"Brains are the New Tits" pin: c/o Ectogasm 


  1. Photos, girl! You look great!! Love the pins on the jacket, totally worth the heat.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. Super cute outfit! Also, I LOVE CHUCK :((((

  3. You are adorable! I can't wait to whip out my denim jacket again. I'm usually a fan of summer but this one's a doozy!


  4. I've only watched Chuck a couple of times and I liked it! I should try it again.

    You look awesome and cute!! I love that jacket <3


  5. I totally feel the shooting in ridiculously hot weather - on the east coast, we're looking at temps in the high 90s with 80% humidity so sweat has just become a a regular part of my photoshoots.
    At least you dress is cute :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes