Thrifted Tank Top + Wooden Necklace

I usually struggle with dressing for summer. Without cardigans and layers, it becomes difficult to think of ways to be creative. This summer, though, I'm enjoying the simplicity of it. Ever since I started blogging regularly again this year, I've felt much more secure in my personal style. I wrote about this recently, but I don't feel the need to pile on accessories or skip over taking photos of outfits because they're "not interesting enough." I'm happy to say that I'm done putting that kind of pressure on myself. Now? A tank top, a skirt, and sandals will do. Add on one simple necklace made by a friend, and it's all that's needed to survive a hot summer day and be deemed "blog-worthy."

My eventful July starts today as I'll be spending the afternoon touring coffee shops in LA with my best friend before we see Jenny Lewis' new band, Nice As Fuck, play. I can't say that it's my favorite of her musical ventures, but when Whitney offered to buy us tickets for my birthday, I couldn't say no to seeing Jenny Lewis in concert again, regardless of what band she's playing under. She is the ultimate girl crush and basically all that I aspire to be. Sigh...

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Zara via Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: OC Swap Meet
Necklace: Handmade, gifted


  1. This outfit is so cute! I am with you, I have the worst time trying to make my summer outfits look interesting. I feel like my outfits always consist of: a dress, oxfords, and maybe a necklace. It has been so hot lately that tights are definitely a no-go.

  2. I'm so jealous you're seeing Jenny Lewis! She is one of my all time favorite artisrs. I've seen her once live and it was SUCH an amazing show!

    Lee -

  3. Summer is so annoying because of lack of layering, although I do love just throwing something on and being done with it. This is a cute summer look!
    So jealous you get to see Jenny Lewis!

  4. I think confidence really helps. I feel a bit self-conscious about all the layers and bits and bobs I used to pile on in in the past!

  5. I've been loving your style as of late as well (not that I ever don't) but you are def radiating some form of new happiness in your photos. I love it. Your layering skills are missed tho because you are my inspiration. And yea, NAF isn't my fav Jenny project, but it was fun and I love anything Jenny related.