Monteau Dress + Yellow Cardigan

I'm going to be completely honest with you; this dress doesn't exactly fit over my bust. And by that, I mean that it doesn't fit at all. I picked this up at the Melrose Flea Market with Erica last weekend, and in true flea market fashion, I didn't try it on. It fits most places, but my boobs just aren't having it. So in a fit of desperation to make this adorable dress work, I improvised. A cardigan is key to covering up unzipped dresses, and a safety pin here and there gets the job done. Viola! If I hadn't felt the need to be completely transparent, you would no idea. At least that's what I'm hoping for in real, non-Internet life.

Life right now is pretty grand. Jon and I are settling in quite nicely to the new apartment, and we're slowly having our closest friends over to visit. After living in such unstable places for so long, I'm incredibly happy to be able to host people and, most importantly, learn how to cook. I have never, ever been a cook, nor have I really had the desire to be one. Maybe moving in with my boyfriend has domesticated me, but I'm finally motivated enough to learn. I'm starting with easy dishes, but so far, it's going pretty well. If anyone has any simple recipes or tips, throw them my way!

Dress: Monteau via Melrose Trading Post
Cardigan: Schoola
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens+ 


  1. The dress is adorable! I totally can't tell from the looks great on you! (And I must admit I've work unzipped skirts covered by a cardigan or belt before, lol)

  2. Ugh I hate when dresses don't fit over the girls! The worst! I would never know that it was unzipped actually and it looks super cute on you!

  3. Super cute!!

    All you need is a few meals that you get down of and then CRUSH. For me, it is soups (which are surprisingly easy), baked chicken, and sweet potato and black bean tacos!