Remix Friday: Thrifted Floral Skirt

I remember the exact moment I saw this skirt. I was at a thrift store with my friend Nataly, and she picked it up first. My eyes immediately went to it as I watched her hold it up, take a look, and put it back. With a gasp, I darted to it to take a look for myself. It was floral and pleated, and I was sold. Then I looked at the tag: BB Dakota. Then the size: size 8. A style I loved, a brand I adored, my size, in perfect condition, and $4. Ever since that fateful day, this skirt has served me well. It has been on heavy rotation in my closet, and it's made more than a few appearances on my blog and my Instagram. It's too pretty to be left sitting untouched.

I just want to take a quick moment to say hello to my new followers from the Buzzfeed feature! In all honest, I've never been the biggest fan of Buzzfeed, but the exposure this list has gotten me is a bit surreal. Their audience is crazy, and I'm grateful to be noticed for something that I'm proud of: being a thrifty blogger. I first saw the article on Lauren of Someone Like You's Facebook, and I decided to take a know, just in case. I was pretty surprised to see my face there, and it's been so cool to see my followers grow overnight.

Okay, okay. You're not half bad sometimes, Buzzfeed.


  1. Love this skirt, it was my favorite in your remix of the peter pan collar top! And congrats on being featured on their list! Going to check it out right now...