Tan Dress + Old Navy Lavender Sandals

I definitely forgot to take photos this weekend, so this outfit is the result of me forcing Jon to get out of bed and walk outside in his pajamas to help me take this set before I left for work this morning. I know, I know. I'm terrible. I would have been okay without any posts this week, but I like my routine. Even as blog readership dies out, it's still my favorite hobby and I feel lost without it. Fortunately, I not only have a very supportive boyfriend, I also have a live-in photographer now. He knew what he was getting himself into when he agreed to live with me. 

I picked up this dress at a thrift store recently, and even though the color possibly washes me out, it's so comfy and lovely that I don't mind. The faux lace collar was hard to resist, but then again, all fit and flare dresses are hard to resist. The Old Navy sandals have become my go-to pair of shoes lately. While I'm bummed that I won't get much of a chance to dress for fall, I'm okay with making these shoes last all year round. I'm also happy to get any chance to throw some pins on a jacket, and this time I pulled out the one I got from the Wilco concert I attended a couple of weeks ago and this donut pin from Honey and the Hive. 

Dress, jacket: Thrifted
Sandals: Old Navy
Wilco pin: Wilco concert
Donut pin: Honey and the Hive


  1. CUTE!!! I would make my boyfriend get out of bed to take pictures if I had that outfit on...and if I had a boyfriend. You look fantastic!

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