White Sweater + Gingham Skirt

These photos were just taken over the weekend, but it already feels way too warm to wear sweaters again. See? The world is truly ending.

I kid.

It's not ending, but there still is work to do. Things still feel difficult to process and it still feels like the right time to stand up and do something. That said, I've taken a couple of days to be distracted, and I'm ready to get back to focusing on the things I love. Some of those things include blogging and cute clothes, which are nice distractions from the real world. It feels frivolous and arbitrary to be posting outfit photos, but it's also fun and a little bit silly. It means nothing other than the fact that I enjoy it, and that's enough. I feel good about myself when I put on something pretty, and I feel even better about myself when that something pretty is this skirt. If there is ever a time to do things that make us happy, as silly as they may be, it's now. So here's a comfy sweater, my favorite skirt, a kick ass pair of oxfords, and a necklace made by a dear friend. That's enough for me to feel good in this moment. 

When I'm not thinking about, well, you know, I'm just thinking about Westworld. I has consumed me, and I don't regret it. Who else is watching?

Sweater: H&M (gift)
Skirt: Ruche
Oxfords: Modcloth
Necklace: Handmade (gift)


  1. 1) This outfit- I wish I owned it (and that I was of a size of wear it now but...) You are the most darling thing in it!

    2) I think apperciating what brings you joy is positive, especially since you are still thoughtful about the world around you. We need the balance of simplicity and joy in a complex and scary world, it seems.

    3) Soooo loving Westworld (though I don't think we are up to date. I watch it with the Boy which severely limits how often we have time to watch...) So, so, so fascinating and well done!

  2. Ahh I love this outfit so much! The skirt is so cute! Lucky you, living in a place where it's warm still. It was so cold this morning in DC I felt like I needed ear muffs!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. I woke up Wednesday morning, saw the news, and looked out the window to make sure the world was burning. Because I wouldn't have been surprised.

    Anyway, focusing on the good as much as I can! Like your super super SUPER cute skirt!