Off The Shoulder

If I said that this is my new favorite outfit, would you believe me? I know I tend to say that about most outfits, but I suppose that's not a bad a thing. I guess it wouldn't really make sense to have a personal style blog if I didn't actually love what I wear. I honestly don't know why I stayed away from off the shoulder tops for so long. I was seriously convinced that I couldn't pull them off, but now I want a million of them. This one is particularly dreamy, and I can't get over how much I love it with this perfect yellow skirt. I kind of feel like a Disney princess in this outfit.

Part of that may just be the pictures my friend Hanna took of me. We went to a big park near my hometown, and it's always ripe for good spots. I've taken pictures a couple of times, and it really never fails. 

Other than taking cute pictures in cute clothes, I've still been getting over being sick and working. I'm so excited that all of my favorite shows are coming back this month (Fargo, Better Call Saul, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Silicon Valley, Veep, etc.), but I still need something to hold me over in between episodes so I'm rewatching Community. Again. I'm even making my way through the dreaded season 4 again, which, is true commitment. 

Top: c/o Tobi
Skirt: Shop Curious Natalia
Shoes: Vintage


  1. I would totally believe this is your new favorite outfit because it's the cutest!!! Love that top!

  2. Oh, you and off the shoulder tops. A match made in heaven. THis is a seriously gorgeous outfit.

  3. Love this look! Off the shoulder is so in right now + I just love how it's the perfect amount of 'revealing' for Spring/Summer.

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