Vintage Blooms

This weekend somehow managed to be a good weekend for both my closet AND my wallet. Okay, fine. The things I bought probably did not do my bank account any favors, but I managed to not to have a panic attack. I was lucky enough to hit up the B.A.I.T. warehouse sale in the LA area with my friend Whitney, and it was a huge success. Warehouse sales always sound scary and full aggressive shoppers, but the B.A.I.T. one was small, calm, and just as cute as the brand itself. I picked up about six pairs immediately, and I ended up walking out with three pairs for $40. Considering one pair normally runs for about $60, I'm pretty stoked. We ended up stopping for breakfast in one of our favorite areas and stopped in some vintage and antique stores, where I picked up this dress. It doesn't quite fit my chest, but it was cute and on sale, so I'm making it work. I want to say that it's from the '70s, but it's probably more like '80s. I'm telling myself that it's '70s era though, so just let me have this. 

Really, though, the best part of my weekend was finding out that I don't have to pay nearly as much in taxes as I expected. I've been quietly freaking out about taxes for the past month or so considering I actually have to pay this year, but I went to my dad and brother's accountant and she turned out to be a miracle worker. Phew!

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: B.A.I.T (exact)
Sunglasses: Madewell


  1. This dress looks INCREDIBLE on you! I kept saving this post to come back to because I wanted to see who made the dress, and of course it's vintage. SUCH a great find!

    xo nicole

  2. The sunglasses definitely give the whole look an extra 70s-esque look. Very cute and fun.

  3. Ahh tax season had me so nervous as well!
    And wow, that dress is gorgeous! You are so good at finding the best vintage pieces!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes