Pulling it Off

I can hardly believe myself, but I am officially a hat girl. I have loved straw boater hats for years, but I've never been able to find one (let alone any hat at all) that I thought looked good on me. Lately, though, I've been trying this new thing where I wear whatever I like regardless of whether or not I believe I can "pull it off." That concept is entirely in my head, and I'm done being a slave to it. It's funny how growing up (if you can call being a couple months shy of 25 growing up) will do that to you. 

Ever since I decided to finally try wearing hats, I've been on the search. I immediately went to the queen of boater hats, Sammi, for suggestions. She gave me a few great places to start, but I've been hesitant to bite the bullet. Well, get this - I went into a Daiso (a Japanese dollar store if you're unfamiliar) and saw this one for $2. What a great way to finally try wearing one without actually committing, right? Turns out that it's actually perfect. It's a little bit small, which is strange considering my issue has always been that hats are too large on me, but I think it actually works. I'm still hoping to find a better quality one soon, but this dollar store one has definitely convinced me that I can, well, pull it off.

This weekend was so much fun and involved a ton of good food. I hung out with my best friend, went to a little party, and saw both my family and Jon's parents. Does it really have to be Monday already?

Dress: Poshmark
Shoes: Modcloth (similar)
Hat: Daiso


  1. You can one hundred percent pull it off! You look so cute and that hat suits you perfectly. I've started to do the same thing, just wearing stuff because I like it regardless of whether I think I can pull it off. It's surprising what turns out to look fantastic, right?

    LOVE your dress!

  2. Definitely agree that you can totally pull of the "boater hat" look and how great that you found this one for $2! Also I totally love that dress:)

  3. Ahh I've been trying to get back into straw hats for the summer and this little one is so cute! I really love this vintage summery outfit - it's very you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes