Vintage Plaid and Pleats

I can hardly focus on anything at the moment other than my vacation. I'm leaving for Illinois tomorrow, and I'm far more excited than anyone would expect someone to be about a trip to a small town in Illinois. If you've missed me talking about it before, I'm visiting the town where my brother's family lives and where I went to college. I only see my family about once a year, and I haven't been to Illinois or seen most of my friends since I graduated three years ago. I'm also just excited to just have a week off from work. I'm looking forward to a week of family, friends, Midwestern food, drinks, and relaxation. Is it Tuesday yet?

The one thing I can allow myself to think about that's not my trip is this PERFECT vintage button down. I follow a ton of vintage shops on Instagram, but I always get disappointed to find that items I like are either too small, too expensive, or sold to someone else before I've even gotten a chance. I happened to see this top and a dress from Hearts and Hearts Vintage for cheap last week, and I couldn't believe how perfectly this one fit. I rarely find button downs in general that fit well over my bust, let alone vintage ones in great condition. I'm a bit obsessed. Sophia got this to me crazy fast and was super sweet, so I definitely recommend checking out Hearts and Hearts Vintage!

Also, Jon and I took these photos next to a local theater close to our apartment. Adorable, right?

Skirt: Thrifted (similar and similar)
Shoes: BAIT Footwear


  1. Darling look. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Love that skirt and blouse, just jacked off to these pictures