Orange Floral

I don't normally post two days in a row (although remember when I actually did have time to post every day on summer breaks during college??), but I took these photos on Sunday and I honestly couldn't wait. In yet another installment of "things I bought while telling myself that I would stop shopping," I scored this vintage dress on Whurl during Melissa Cripe's closet sale. I've been following Melissa on Instagram for a while now and have been such a huge fan of her style, so I was embarrassingly excited when I saw that she was selling some of her vintage collection. I always look forward to the special closet sales that Sam arranges on Whurl, but it was definitely a bummer that I didn't see anything that would fit in the last few. Luckily, I'm relatively the same size as most of the items Melissa was selling and before I knew what I was doing, this beauty was in my cart when I saw how affordable it was. Sure, it's a tad small and I definitely had to unzip it after eating some biscuits and gravy. But hey, it was worth it.

I also picked up this cute little purse while I was in Illinois. One of my favorite parts of going to college in the tiny town I lived in was the second hand shopping. There are a handful of thrift stores there, but there aren't many people who wear the same style I do, meaning there's little to no competition for the items I like. A vintage furniture and accessories store opened up since I had last been there, and I fell in love with this patent bag and the $10 price tag. I originally got it with the intention of selling it, but it's too good to part with. We all know it would end up in a pile in my room that I would never sell anyway. Might as well keep it and use it forever.

Dress: Vintage via Whurl
Belt, purse: Vintage
Shoes: BAIT Footwear


  1. This is such a wonderful dress - I love the how the corals look against the blue background! I went to college near Iowa City & now I live in NYC and I miss the Midwest thrifting scene sooooo much! :)

  2. Ahhh. That dress is great! I've found quite a few gems on Whurl!