Etsy Favorites #60 - Game of Thrones Edition

It's been a while since I've shared my current Etsy Favorites, and it's been even longer since I've done a TV themed edition. With Game of Thrones back in its penultimate season and a new episode airing tonight, I figured this was the perfect opportuntiy to put together a list of some of my absolute favorite GoT picks. Of course, I could have included countless other great items so if you have your own GoT recommendations, let me know in the comments! Here's what I have my eye on currently:

*Some out of context spoilers ahead
This A Girl Has No Name T-shirt from Les Fugitives for days when you want to remain faceless

This Hodor tote bag for when you have to hold the door

This Badass Mother of Dragons pin from Bookish and Bakewell for when you want to be a boss bitch Khaleesi

This Olenna art print from Paul's Wok for when you need some inspiration to be a true thug

This Jon Snow Globe pin from Cool Queen Collective for when you want to be especially good at brooding

This GoT house skirt from Pick N Mix for when you want to support all of the houses because you know in the end none of matters since white walkers are a thing

This Stannis pin from Isopod Industries for when you admit that you occasionally miss Stannis the Man-is

This Peter "Little Blinger" Baelish portrait from Hilarioys Delusions for when you want to see what Littlefinger has up his sleeve

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