Welcoming Spring with Lindy Bop

I am very aware that I will regret saying this in a few months, but man am I glad that it's warm again. I'm tired of wearing tights, and I'm ready to break out the spring dresses. Speaking of which....this dress. It's incredible. Last week, Lindy Bop reached out to me about reviewing a couple of items, and I may or may not have freaked out about it. Lindy Bop is one of my favorite brands, and I have yet to be disappointed with an item from them. 

I debated a lot about this dress. It's certainly not an average neckline for me, and I was worried that I wouldn't wear it much. I finally decided that this was exactly the opportunity to try something new, and it was worth it. This dress is a dream. The neckline ended up being far more flattering than I was expecting, and the retro girls on bikes is the cutest print I could ever hope for. Not only do most Lindy Bop dresses have pockets (like this one!), they're all amazing quality as well. 

If my dazzling recommendation has convinced you that you too need this dress in your life, size down. I'm usually a large, but I've found that most Lindy Bop dresses generally have a decent amount of stretch and fit best when I order a medium. Just another reason so love this brand.

I took these photos at Cars Land in California Adventure while we were there over the weekend with some friends who were visiting from out of town. For some reason, we have multiple friends from high school visiting this week, and I'm not upset about it. It's been fun catching up and seeing a few people I haven't seen in years. I've only been out of high school 8 years (although even that feels crazy), but I already feel like we're all getting to the point where we can laugh about old drama and really appreciate each other as adults. It's nice!

As usual, I'm writing this late at night and falling asleep, but just know that I have a lot of thoughts on the Oscars. It's a miracle I get any sort of post up every so often. 

Dress: c/o Lindy Bop
Shoes: Modcloth
Cardigan: Thrifted


  1. Can I ask what sort of bras you wear or recommend? I have a large chest & have never really found strapless bras that I feel comfortable in, so I avoid any kind of dresses or clothing with unusual necklines or strap situations. It cuts out SO many options for me. I'd love to find a better bra that would allow me to branch out a little! And FWIW, I think this dress is SO cute on you.

  2. I am making giant heart eyes at how freaking cute you are in this outfit! What a lovely dress.

  3. YESSSS I love LindyBop! And this dress looks PERFECT on you! I'm so glad you decided to try a new neckline, because it totally works.

  4. This is the perfect spring dress! It looks so good on you!

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