Last Things: #1

While I have the motivation to blog (who knows how long this will last), I want to try to write about all of the things I've always meant to. I've dabbled a bit in lifestyle and pop culture blogging, but it's never really stuck. Seeing as I always enjoy seeing other bloggers' recommendations, I figured I'd at least try to start a series about what I'm into at the moment. If you want to talk pop culture or shopping, shoot me an email or find me on Instagram so we can chat!

Westworld art by Dustin Goebel

Here's the last thing I...

Watched (TV): Westworld. I watched the first season as it aired, and I'd been anxiously the return for the past year. As expected, the new season offers far more questions than answers, but that's half the fun. Watching Westworld kind of reminds me the golden age of watching Lost. While it can be frustrating, it's fun to watch week to week and hypothesize about what the hell is going on. Fingers crossed it all comes together in a much cleaner way than Lost did.

Also: Silicon Valley, finally catching up on the newest season.

Re-watched (TV): Frasier. My obsession is strong. I can't get enough of '90s-early 2000's sitcoms, and for me, Frasier is the gold standard.

Listened to (Podcast): Sandra. I am a huge fan of Gimlet Media podcasts, and seeing as I loved their last fictional one (Homecoming), I was excited to learn that they were releasing a new one. With a voice cast including Alia Shawkat, Kristen Wigg, and Ethan Hawke, this one follows a woman (Shawkat) as she starts working for a virtual assistant company, much like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home. I finished the series already, and while I could make complaints about the plot if I really wanted to, it was a fun listen. I do wish there were more episodes as I feel like it would have been better if they had more time really expand on the world and develop the characters. That said, it still manages to be captivating, and the voice cast is perfect.

Listened to (Music): Dr. Dog, Critical Equation. I just started to listening to Dr. Dog's newest album so I can't speak too much to it just yet, but they're one of my all-time favorite bands so it's safe to say that I'm enjoying it already.

Purchased: I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I am obsessed with the podcast My Favorite Murder. I recently purchased tickets to their live show on Halloween (which I'm only slightly freaking out about) with a few Instagram friends, and we started talking about creating a little MFM book club. The most exciting news to happen this past was that police ARRESTED THE GOLDEN STATE KILLER. It's crazy. I've been wanting to read Michelle McNamara's book on the case since it came out, and this book club we're starting gave me a good excuse. I wish I had read it before the news came out, but I'm sure it will only be more satisfying reading it now.

Wanted to Purchase: I honestly haven't found as many Modcloth items that I've wanted lately, but I've been drooling over their collection with Collectif. My must-buy list includes this Gnome dress, cacti cardigan, and t-strap heels.


  1. Love this as a series. I like o hear what people are into right now.

  2. Yay I always hope/expect to see this kind of series from you!! You always have great recommendations!

    Ok I really want to read that book (and how crazy with everything happening) because I love true crime but I am at the same time SUCH a wuss and I live alone so I really have to limit how much I consume. Please post an update on how bearable the book is!

    I definitely want to check out new Westworld but I need to rewatch Season 1 before I start Season 2 because it was a LOT to take in the first time!

    Priya the Blog