SSDGM with The Five15

Welcome to part 2 of my collab with The Five15! In my last post, I mentioned that my virtual friendship with Angie started because of our shared love of pop culture and feminism. Really, though, the thing that started it was My Favorite Murder. This isn't the first time I've mentioned it, but it truly is my favorite podcast. In fact, talk to almost anyone (mostly women) who listen and they'll also tell you that no other podcast compares. It's not just a podcast; it's a community. The bi-weekly show hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Killgariff inspires such passion in its fans that's hard to believe the subject matter is so dire. Yes, the podcast is about murder, and yes, it's extremely funny. Karen and Georgia have a way of taking true crime and making it compassionate, thought-provoking, and, well, funny. It's a way to lighten up the subject for those of us fascinated, but also to learn about protecting ourselves and become educated on real issues and culture. Karen and Georgia are the first to admit that they aren't experts on the subjects they're speaking on, and they willingly take critiques and better themselves from them. 

I'll be honest, I can't say that I was the biggest true crime fan before listening, but I had heard that the podcast was good and decided to give it a try. This was probably two years ago and it since has not only become my favorite listen but also sparked a huge interest in true crime that I didn't realize I had. One of my favorite parts about it, though, is the community. I'm constantly finding more people online who are also fans, and it instantly becomes a conversation. If I know someone is a murderino, it's clear that we'll be good friends. 

I absolutely love everything from The Five15, but her MFM items are the BEST. I also have this shirt in black, and while I didn't think it was possible to love it any more than I already do, I am obsessed with this grey and pink version. The illustrations are all little nods to the show and quotes from Karen and Georgia. If you're into MFM, you seriously need one of these. I also have one of the keychains, and it's so ridiculously perfect. Angie is a sweet baby angle. 

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Are you a murderino? Let me know and SSDGM!

T-Shirt: c/o The Five15
Headphones: Ankit


  1. yesss!! Love this! I've been listening to it for a while (although not since the beginning) and its definitely one of my favorites. I recently introduced a friend to it and she is OBSESSED. I love it, lol. My favorite quote: Fuck polite!!

  2. Huge murderino here! I've been to two live shows, joined the fan cult, & even ordered a custom sweatshirt ("It's never a mannequin.") to wear to one of the shows. I miiiiight have to grab this shirt!

  3. I wouldn't call myself a full-fledged Murderino, though I do love the podcast! And it has definitely grown on me, at first I wanted less chatting and more facts, but now I appreciate how their banter really lightens up the mood. I do have to limit myself to listening because I am a huge wuss and some of the episodes are more freaky than others! Also, I love this shirt! So fun!

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