School Spirit

I'm back with another Karina Dresses piece! As I mentioned last time, I'm obsessed with this brand and how seriously comfortably these dresses are. Karina Dresses just released their new Style Academy collection, and I had such a hard time choosing which dress I wanted. I'm happy that I ended up getting the Ruby in Pep Rally though. As I've talked about before, I have a few of the Ruby sleeveless dresses, which are my absolute favorites. I wanted to try something with sleeves this time, and I loved that this one is the same flattering shape as the sleeveless one, but more suited for fall. 

Granted, it's still 90 degrees in SoCal, but you better believe that I'll be throwing this on all the time once it starts cooling down. Luckily, the fabric is still lightweight and breathable so it's not too much of stretch to wear it in the meantime. As with last time, I sized down from my usual size large and got this dress in a S/M. It's super stretchy so sizing down works great for me. 

Other than trying to survive in the heat I've been...well, that's really what I've doing for the most part. Jon and I have been trying to stay cool as much as possible, which mostly involves sitting by the fan and watching TV (typical). More importantly, though, if you missed it, I launched a new site! Goddess Directory is a directory of women-owned independent shops, which I created as a resource for people to find as many as possible in one place. The site also has a blog, and I've been sharing interviews with some of my favorite women-owned shops. I'm adding new shops and brands to it constantly, and I can't wait to grow it. I hope you'll check it out and follow along!

Dress: c/o Karina Dresses | Shoes: Modcloth | Earrings: Etsy


  1. Such a cuuute dress! This is def my favorite cut of Karina Dress, it's so comfy and flattering!

  2. great outfit! Love the yellow shoes :) xx

  3. Ok I'm obviously catching up on everything here but, didn't know about your new project! Sounds awesome!! You've always been so great about supporting/promoting female makers, so this seems like the perfect passion project for you!! Excited to check it out!

    Priya the Blog

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  5. I absolutely like the Karina Dresses fashion The way it effortlessly combines fashion and spirit is truly inspiring. The creative outfit ideas and tips for showing your team pride are fantastic. It's refreshing to see a blog that encourages fashion individual style while fostering a sense of community. The vibrant colors and spirited designs featured here bring a unique twist to the world of fashion. I've already tried some of the outfit suggestions and received numerous compliments. Thank you for spreading positivity and making spirit fashionable! Keep up the great work.