Three Weeks Later

Looking at these photos and the few I chose not to post, I've come to two conclusions:

1. For someone who lives in Southern California, I am incredibly pale. I think I should probably spend more time in the sun than sitting in Starbucks, which I am about to do as soon as I finish writing this.

2. I really don't know how not to look awkward when posing for photos. My sister-in-law/photographer and I decided that my blog's gimmick should be ridiculous photos where I just completely give up on the idea of me looking natural. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Despite the fact that I keep complaining about how boring my summer is without the two jobs I have during the school year, I've actually managed to do some pretty awesome things at home. I wore this to go thrifting in L.A. with my good friend, Alena last week. I only ended up with a belt and a couple of rings, it's always worth it to pull out Balenciaga and Helmut Lang items in a thrift store. I was THIS close to buying a Theory dress for $20, but stopped myself before buying yet another item that I really don't need. Proof that I do have self control sometimes.

The best part about this outfit, is that two of the items cost me $0. I, of course, have a very unhealthy obsession with ModCloth, which is why I applied to be apart of the ModSquad Street Team. The ModSquad is basically a Facebook group where women of all ages talk about their love for Modcloth, give the website feedback, and fashion in general. Some of the girls from the group started a couple of swap groups and I've become quite addicted to swapping my clothes ever since.

I've definitely received more than a few items from swaps that didn't end up working out, but every so often absolute gems come along like this jacket or the necklace. The jacket is lightweight and I've already thrown it on over dresses too many times to count. The necklace was originally from Anthropologie and the day I wore this outfit, I had three separate people stop me to say how beautiful it was. You know me, stopping strangers in their tracks with my free accessories wherever I go...

Jacket: Swapped
Necklace: Anthropologie, swapped
Dress: T.J. Maxx
Belt: Kaitlyn
Sandals: Urban Outfitters
Bag: (I think it's hidden for the most part) Thrifted
Bracelet: ASOS
Rings: Jewelmint, thrifted, ebay


  1. I take like 1000 pics for outfits because im so busy posing (and failing!) that i forget about my face and look ridiculous! yes LETS EMBRACE IT! hahaxx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

  2. Sandals and necklace Lovelovelove! The buckles on the sandals just make them perfect! Totally understand about taking outfit photos, always tricky trying to look natural doing something very unnatural!!

  3. Lovely dress! I have a similar one it is so pretty. I love it with that belt and necklace so cute!

  4. Love that dress and the belt and necklace are awesome pops of color! Oh, and I also am naturally very pale. I mostly embrace it but sometimes I glow in photos.
    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. That necklace is gorgeous! I would probably stop you in the streets as well! The swapping program sounds pretty neat, I may need to look into that!

  6. Looking at several of your outfits, I gotta say- you ROCK at accessorize. Nothing seems over the top yet there's lots of fun little details.

    I've never heard of the ModSquad before- sounds fun!